What Is Your Purpose?

What is your purpose? In your life, you will have many purposes. I’ve never believed that human life only has one purpose; we are each here for a multitude of reasons. It is very important to tune into what your many purposes are.   Each person is unique. I mean, how cool is it that…

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Your Angels And Spirit Guides

Ask For Help From Your Angels And Spirit Guides.   Each of us has angels, many, many angels. Each of us has spirit guides, and together these angels and spirit guides watch after you.    Your angels and spirit guides have always been with you, but they can’t interfere with your free will; they patiently…

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The Rights Of A Reader

How do you teach a child to read? (Read Time: 2 Minutes) I’m going to be very real with you. For the first years of our home schooling journey, this question rang like a bell in my head. Every day it whirled around, feeling confusion, and frustration. I doubted my ability to teach my children to…

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What Are Mudras?

What Are Mudras? (Read Time: Under 1 Minute) When  you were in your Mothers Womb, at the beginning of your development your hands were connected to your brain.  Eventually they began to separate, but still there is an important connection between your hands your your brain. This is where Mudras come into play.  Mudras are…

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