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Who is Dr. Dan & Siri Shakti?


Welcome to the RockStar In Life Podcast. Where each Wednesday morning you learn the secrets to unleashing your inner-RockStar So you can make the world your stage!

The RockStar message is clear, “We are all born RockStars in Life!” For more about what the RockStar in Life Movement is… check out Episode “Why RockStar”.

Best Selling Author Dr. Dan & his lovely wife Siri Shakti have spent more than a decade traveling the world learning from the best of the best. Everyone from Western Experts that specialize in Self-Development, business, sales strategies, and relationships, to Eastern Gurus that teach ancient life secrets that have been passed down from Yogi to Yogi for thousands of years.

Dr. Dan along with his partner Ben Littlefield are the owners and founders of the 2RockStars and RockStar Entrepreneur a multi-million dollar digital media publishing, training and consulting firm. For years they have been teaching people all across the world how to build and own their very own digital businesses and assets.

Siri Shakti is a successful homeschool mother of three, author, painter, triathlete, and Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Join Dr. Dan & Siri Shakti as they dive into many of life’s most important topics. Thing like: how to find your purpose and mission in life, finding and attracting the person of your dreams, experiencing greater personal growth, creating long-lasting and happy relationships, raising and educating children in this new world, how to attract more wealth into your life, creating a digital business that you can run from the comfort of your own home, exploring the world of health, fitness, yoga, meditation and so much more.

Through their humor, raw honesty, person & inspirational stories, cutting-edge information, and guest speakers, they deliver practical knowledge to use in your daily life. You won’t want to miss a single episode.

Join The RockStar In Life Revolution today!

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Why RockStar?

What Being a RockStar In Your Life Is All About…


We are all born RockStars!
Dr. Dan


From Dr. Dan's Best Selling Book: 


This has nothing to do with acting as if, playing music, or being a celebrity. I’m not suggesting for you to go buy a guitar, go out and get some tattoos, drinking too much, doing drugs or smashing up hotel rooms.

This is a different kind of RockStar I’m talking about.  The truth is… we are all born RockStars!  Think about it!  Before you were born people were taking pictures and video of you while you were still in the womb.  There’s lots of anticipation; parties are thrown for you and you get gifts before you’re even born.

When you are finally born, everyone comes to the hospital just to get a little glimpse of you.  It’s like they’re camping out and waiting in line for tickets to a sold-out show.  Then everyone wants to hold you, kiss you, get a picture with you, and play with you.  They want to hear you say your first sounds, your first words, and see you take your first steps.  You get all this love and attention; because you’re a RockStar! Then, around the time we start school, we are told to get off the stage and sit in the audience with all of the other former RockStars.  Some of us sit in the front row (the popular kids) and some of us are sent to the nosebleed seats (far back).  But we never lose our RockStar spirit.  It just gets pushed down from all the years of school, and working various jobs, until we forget about our RockStar spirit.  We forget that the world is our stage and we can do anything we want to do in this lifetime!  It’s time to wake up and reclaim it.  Come out of retirement and live your life like the RockStar you were born to be!  Have fun!  Put a big smile on your face!

Rock your life!

Make the world your stage now!

The RockStar Family!
Dr .Dan, Siri Shakti, Kayleen, Mayleena & Bodhi Ardebili

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Listen To Our Getting To Know Us Episode Here

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