Ep #19: Blame It On Mercury

In this episode, you will discover how the planet Mercury goes into retrograde 3 to 4 times a year and how it affects us humans in our everyday lives. While Mercury goes into retrograde, be cautious when entering into new contracts, deals, using electronics, communicating with others and more. While Mercury is in retrograde, it can affect us in many ways. Learn how to avoid and overcome these challenges during the 3 to 4 times a year when Mercury goes into retrograde.


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Guru Singh's Podcast Episode “Mercury in Retrograde and the Solar Storms”


Dates Mercury goes into Retrograde


March 22 – April 15, 2018
July 26 – August 18, 2018
November 16 – December 6


March 5 – 28, 2019
July 7 – 31, 2019
October 31 – November 20, 2019


February 18 – March 9, 2020
June 17 – July 12, 2020
October 13 – November 3, 2020


Transcript: (Read Time: 14 Minutes)

Siri Shakti: Welcome to the RockStar In Life podcast, where you learn the secrets to unleashing your inner RockStar so you can make the world your stage.

What's up RockStars in Life? It's Siri Shakti and I have my co-host joining me.

Dr. Dan: What's up? Dr. Dan in the house.

Siri Shakti: Well, today we're going to be talking about this awesome thing that's going on in the Cosmos right now. It's called Mercury in retrograde.

Dr. Dan: Oh, yeah. It's a fun one.

Siri Shakti: Now, some of you may be listening and thinking, “I know what that is and I know how it affects me,” and some of you may be thinking, “What the heck is Mercury in retrograde?”

Dr. Dan: I think most people don't know what it is.

Siri Shakti: Right.

Dr. Dan: Maybe our listeners do more, but I got to say, when I mention anything about it, I got to say, I think maybe one out of 20 people I talk to say, “Oh yeah, I've heard something about that,” or “Yeah, I know that,” but most people don't. They're like, “What?”

Siri Shakti: I know for myself I didn't know anything about it until we started really getting more into our yoga practice. I don't know even who we first heard about it from, but I started doing more reading about astrology and things like that and then opened up my eyes to what this was. Now, …

Dr. Dan: Yeah, and this happens … Actually, just so you know if you're listening right now, this happens anywhere from three to four times a year, typically. It just depends on the year. And if you're listening to this the week of this being released, actually for the next two weeks after this being released, it actually started March 22nd and it's supposed to end April 15th, 2018. So, if you're listening to this right now then we are in retrograde. Mercury is in retrograde right now.

Siri Shakti: You're in the thick of retrograde.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, so now let's talk about it.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. First before we get into exactly what it is, I just want to say that as human beings it's oftentimes easy for us to think of ourselves as being separate from the natural world. Because we live such full and busy lives nowadays we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget that we're a part of the natural world and everything that goes with it.

So, from this point of view we can understand that everything, not only on the planet, but everything in the Cosmos and in the Universe and Multiverse plays a role in our human experience. That's what we're talking about here. With Mercury in retrograde …

Dr. Dan: Mertury.

Siri Shakti: Mertury, yes.

Dr. Dan: Mertury.

Siri Shakti: You see, each planet follows a certain course and when Mercury is in what we call retrograde it appears, keyword “appears”, as if it's going backwards.

Dr. Dan: It's like moon walking, but not on the moon. It's Mercury walking.

Siri Shakti: Do you want to explain a little bit about this idea that it looks as if it's going backwards …

Dr. Dan: It's magic.

Siri Shakti: … but it's not?

Dr. Dan: It's because it's magic.

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr. Dan: No, I mean, it appears to move backwards, and ancient yogis and astrologers for thousands and thousands of years ago, they had observed this and maybe even prior to that. Because, it's a three and a half week period. The planet will reverse itself and move forward again after that. Imagine people staring up at the sky, because they didn't have iPads, they didn't have iPhones.

They didn't have smart phones, or TV, or computers, or any of that stuff, so they weren't sitting there chilling at home watching Netflix. What did they have to stare at? Fire and the sky, and before fire just the sky, and try and stay alive.

I mean, you're watching the sky and you know where all these stars are, and all the sudden … Well, these stars aren't stars, they're planets, right? All the sudden it appears that that star that's been in the same place for many, many, many months all the sudden goes backwards in the sky. It appears to go backwards and then it appears to go back again.

I mean, that would be pretty insane, like, “Whoa, what is that? UFOs?” They didn't even know what UFOs were back then anyways, right? But, the reason why this happens is because … I read that Mercury goes four times faster around the Sun because it's the closest planet to the Sun. We're … What? What is that, Venus ahead of us, if I remember correctly? Do you remember?

Siri Shakti: I don't.

Dr. Dan: It is Venus, yeah, yeah. So, there's Mercury … Well, there's the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and then there's Earth and our moon is there as well, then Mars. Mercury's a pretty small planet and because it's closer to the Sun it's going to go around the Sun faster and then it catches back up. That's why it appears that it's going backwards at that point because they line up the way they line up.

Now, imagine it's like if you're driving in a car and you're driving one speed and then another car passes you a little faster. Then all of a sudden it would look like that car was going faster than you, but if that car slowed down and then you passed it, it would appear that that car actually was going backwards, but it's not.

Siri Shakti: Oh, right.

Dr. Dan: You're just passing it.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: That's why people thought, “Oh, it's going in reverse,” so they call it retrograde, it's going backwards. It's a pretty interesting story about all these things get affected.

I usually have fun with this. We'll go more into this, but whenever something's going wrong and we're feeling really stressed out, it feels like you just can't catch a break. Stuff with our computers are messing up, our phones, or we're working with some software in our business and it's not working, or log ins are …

Something ain't working and we're like, “What's going on?” We'll usually go, “Well, let's check the calendar. Is Mercury in retrograde? Because, something's going on.” Or if I'm feeling overly stressed for an entire week, which is totally not normal for us, right?

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: We might have a couple hours or a day where we're just like, “Oh, my God. I'm overwhelmed,” but when it happens for a few days and you're just like, “What's going on?” we'll usually look it up real quick. “Where's Mercury? What's going on?” I'll usually curse the stars. I'll tell them off. I'm like, “Damn you, Mars! Damn you, Matt Damon!” you know, from Mars.

Siri Shakti: It's funny, we do always say that, instead of Mercury we say Mars.

Dr. Dan: I say it on purpose, though.

Siri Shakti: Oh, really?

Dr. Dan: You always thought I said it on accident?

Siri Shakti: I thought it was just an accident you said it one time.

Dr. Dan: No, it's always on purpose.

Siri Shakti: What's it for?

Dr. Dan: Mars! I'm just cursing Mars just for fun. It makes me feel better, and then when I said Matt Damon it's because he was in the movie where he was on Mars.

Siri Shakti: Oh, right. He was on Mars. It's all coming together now.

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: Now it's making sense.

Dr. Dan: Yep. First they destroyed his poop potatoes. Remember?

Siri Shakti: I remember.

Dr. Dan: He grew them out of his own poop.

Siri Shakti: Nice.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: Well, during this time it's easy to feel like you're going backwards, just like … Now you have me saying Mars. Just like-

Dr. Dan: Mars!

Siri Shakti: Just like how Mercury appears to be going backwards, that's how you can feel, like everything is going backwards. Oftentimes, we hear that people are like, “Oh gosh, Mercury's going to be in retrograde,” and we can feel like it's a negative thing, but in fact … I'll get into the reasons why in a moment.

Dr. Dan: Before you do, let me get a little technical on that because … I'm proud of myself because I had to write this down. I didn't know how to explain, I just know it messes us up.

Mercury in retrograde is actually an electron diffuser and it scatters the electron broadcast that comes from the Sun. Because Mercury is closest to the Sun it affects that. It causes a diffusion and polarities. It's the polar opposite of a lot of communication and things like that, which I know you're going to actually explain a little bit more.

It's kind of like when you take two magnets on the same sides and you try and bring them together, like a positive and a positive, or negative, negative, and they just bounce off each other. That's kind of what's happening because of that, because of Mercury in retrograde. It's like reversing all that stuff where things bounce off, and there's a lot of missed steps, and a lot of missed communication. and a lot of messed up electrons.

Siri Shakti: Yes, yes.

Dr. Dan: What Guru Singh calls it, electron fairies?

Siri Shakti: The electronic fairies.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, the electronic fairies. Just go with it. Just surrender and just understand it's going to happen. It's like being in the ocean and big waves are coming. You know it's going to get calm eventually, so just weather the storm as best as you can.

Siri Shakti: Right. Yes.

Dr. Dan: Try not to drown.

Siri Shakti: Right now we're talking about some of the challenges that can come up, but I also do want to cover some of the positives as well. We will get to that, but you see, each planet has certain qualities and when we're looking at Mercury, you see Mercury rules all types of communications, just like you said, Dan. That includes listening, speaking, learning, reading.

Let's see, editing, researching, negotiating, any time of selling and buying. Mercury also rules all forms of contracts and agreements, so oftentimes during this time, people will encourage you or advise you not to sign any contracts or agreements unless you really have to. If you have to, take extra care that you read over all the fine print.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, triple check things, triple. If you normally only check twice, check four times.

Siri Shakti: Yes, because like you were saying, it's easy to make a misstep and have miscommunication, and so that's something that we can all use, not even just in signing documents and things like that, but also because this rules communication, take extra special care in how you communicate and who you're communicating with. Because, things can get confused and misunderstood. So, that's part of it.

Also, under the planet's domain, just like you were explaining, is all types of code, including computer codes as well as transportation, shipping, and travel. That's why oftentimes electronics can get a little bit scrambled or jumbled during this time. You can either just flow with it or like I like to do, I send a little prayer out to the electronic fairies. “Come on, Fairies. You can do it.”

Dr. Dan: Yeah, so it's not something to fear. It's just something to be aware about. It's like if you were to go sailing, right?

Siri Shakti: Uh-huh(affirmative).

Dr. Dan: You would plan for that. You wouldn't just go … You wouldn't go during hurricane season in Florida, hopefully. Right?

Siri Shakti: Right.

Dr. Dan: You wouldn't go into the eye of the storm, if you're like, “Oh, I didn't know there was going to be …” You check the weather before you do stuff. I mean, just like if you're going to go plan a vacation somewhere, you check the weather, what you're going to need. You don't want to go somewhere that snows really heavily and be like, “Oh, I'm going to go during this snowstorm and get snowed in and trapped.” Right?

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: You'd be careful, just like when you drive your car on a trip. You fill it up with gas. You don't just drive it blindly and not look at your gas, right?

Siri Shakti: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, I was just making sure.

Siri Shakti: On a good side, Mercury in retrograde can be extremely powerful, because it's known and it's taught that you're intuition is very high during this time, so your ability to tap into your intuition and your wisdom is going to be very ignited during this time. Most of us live very fast paced lives. I mean, that's just the culture that we live in. It's go, go, go.

Well, we can't always be moving forward. We can't always be going so fast, and so even though Mercury's not actually going backwards we can learn from this lesson to pause and slow down during this time, to reintegrate and just put on the brakes a little bit and look within yourself. Boy, am I saying that to myself. I need to take my own advice here, so to be sure I'll be slowing down. Yeah.

Dr. Dan: Yeah. No, totally. We didn't even mention this, but I was also reading about plastic surgery or elective surgery, anything other than a life threatening … You don't go … If all the sudden you fall and injure yourself really bad and need surgery, or if you have a heart attack or a stroke or something, yeah, you don't go, “Oh yeah, don't take me to the hospital. Not for two weeks until …”

Siri Shakti: Mercury is going straight again.

Dr. Dan: Until it's back, yeah. No, you obviously need to do those things, but don't plan surgeries that aren't life threatening without knowing when this is happening, because things could get messed up, and you definitely … If you have the choice, don't do it. Right?

Siri Shakti: Yes. I agree with that. Yeah, if you can avoid it. I wrote down seven things that I would say … There's so many things that we could say about this, but just for some advice the top seven things to just keep in mind. You can even write them down. Put them on a little sticky note somewhere you can see it so you can remind yourself each day during this.

I'll just go through them. The first one is just chill out. Don't take things too serious, because things can get a little bit confusing and stressful during this time. Just realize that it's going on with all human beings, so try not to be too serious. Number two, dealing with all of your electronic stuff. Back up your data, right, Dan?

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: Back up your stuff, because you don't want to be working on something and have it disappear, right?

Dr. Dan: Yeah. Save often is another thing.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, save often.

Dr. Dan: Always save if you're doing something or if you're working on some software or something. Make sure you make lots of copies …

Siri Shakti: Exactly, yeah.

Dr. Dan: … every time you make a change.

Siri Shakti: Also, this kind of goes with number one, but it's take things with a grain of salt, because during this time because there is a bigger chance that people will be feeling confused that … When Mercury's in retrograde there's a lot more instances where people are more inclined to changing their mind, so just take things with a grain of salt.

Number four, if you're signing a contract … I just said this, I know. Read the small print. Take extra care there. Number five, finish things that you started a while ago. If you have some projects you've been working on like me …
I said a few months ago I was going to start cleaning out the closets. Well, that is … I started cleaning out one closet and it emptied out onto the floor and just stayed there. That is going to be a closet I'm going to be finishing during this time. Wrap any or tie up any loose ends, okay?

Number six is … And this is one of my favorite ones, is instead of looking at it as being a negative thing, allow Mercury to nudge you in unusual directions and really just tap into what it is that the Universe is trying to tell you. What messages is it trying to show you during this time?

Okay. Number seven is get together with some friends, with old friends, new friends, go have some fun and have some good laughs during this time, which I feel goes with number one, not to be too serious and have a good time.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, totally, and just be conscious knowing that this is … Like I said, when Mercury is in retrograde and knowing that if you're communicating with somebody and they're not doing … Because, you definitely … I don't even know if we mentioned this, but you definitely want to do a lot of meditation and yoga.

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr. Dan: Definitely every single morning. It's really important. The days that I didn't do it I think in the last week or so, I think there was two days I didn't actually do it and man, did I suffer those days, hardcore. I'd get up in the morning and … You can watch those past episodes or listen to those past episodes where we talk about hydrotherapy, getting in the shower, warm then cold, then doing a meditation.

Even if you can only do five, 10 minutes, do it, at least. I mean, do what you can, but 30 minutes, 40 minutes, and then possibly a couple times during the day if you're feeling really overwhelmed, some deep breaths, something like that. Try and calm yourself. Get into nature. Put your feet in the sand. Do some earthing. Put your feet in the snow. Put your feet in the grass.

Siri Shakti: That sounds so nice right now.

Dr. Dan: In the water. In the dirt. In rocks. On rocks.

Siri Shakti: Yes. Really, honestly, don't make any excuses. I mean, this is, it's that important. Taking care of yourself each morning is extremely important every day, but especially during Mercury in retrograde. Believe me, I know what it's like. If I'm not taking care of myself during this time I feel like I'm a crazy person. I know Dan has experienced that.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, and it's really intense right now, too, for this one we're in right now because apparently there was also a …

Siri Shakti: The solar storm. A solar-

Dr. Dan: Yeah, a solar storm also, which was a diffuser or whatever as well. So, that caused it to be even more intense, and man, did I feel it.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, yeah, and actually now that we're talking about this, I think on our site I should post … There's a really good meditation I know of that works with the solar flares and helps to counteract the effects of that. I'll put that together for your guys this week and get that up there.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, we'll put it in the episode, down below in the resources.

Yoga & Meditation for Mercury In Retrograde

Siri Shakti: Even some yoga that's specifically good … I mean, all yoga is going to be good for this time, but there are certain things that specifically work with the energies that are present during Mercury in retrograde.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, and then for the rest of 2018 there's actually, July 22nd or 26th, July 26th to August 18th they'll be another one, and then November 16th to December 6th. So, we've got three this year.

Siri Shakti: Yay!

Dr. Dan: We had four last year and I think we had four the year before, too, if I remember correctly. It was quite a bit. I felt like I was always seeing it. I was like, “Whoa, what's going on?”

Siri Shakti: Oh, and remember, did you want to mention about the food, eating brain food during this time?

Dr. Dan: Yeah, eating brain foods, and I'll let you mention some of those, but bananas is really good for it.

Siri Shakti: High in potassium, yeah.

Dr. Dan: Eat some more bananas and also eat the string part of it as well, the part that usually just dangles or hangs off. Eat that part, too, because that's really good right now or you, too.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, and when we say brain food I'm talking whole foods.

Dr. Dan: Plant-based.

Siri Shakti: Plant-based, yeah.

Dr. Dan: Water rich foods.

Siri Shakti: Fruits, veggies, nuts, things like that.

Dr. Dan: Yeah. Your body's made up of what, like 70, 80% water? I forgot the exact number. I always just say 70 to 80%.

Siri Shakti: We should eventually look that up, but it's a very high percentage.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, it's somewhere between there and then also the earth is also covered by 70 to 80% water. I mean, you want your diet to be 70 to 80% water rich foods.

Siri Shakti: That's right. Yeah, so with all of this information and advice that we've given you, I think it really comes down to just taking extra care of yourself during this time, and not even looking at Mercury in retrograde in a negative light. It's so easy to do that just because it deals so much with communication and technology, which is two very essential things in our lives, but like I was saying, this is such a powerful time.

We encourage you to really tap into your intuition during this time and I'd say extract the blessings that are coming from this event for the next, I think it's two more weeks or so. Do you have anything else you'd like to add before we get to our RockStar mission?

Dr. Dan: No, just want to remind everybody to go to rockstarinlife.com to go to the links to resources mentioned in this episode, the transcript, download free books, training, yoga, meditation, home schooling advice, and so much more that we're adding constantly. Go to rockstarinlife.com and join the RockStar In Life revolution today.

Siri Shakti: Awesome.

Dr. Dan: Yep. For this RockStar mission, which is going to be really simple but totally necessary, is for you to go to the episode page by going to rockstarinlife.com, and checking out the resources, and making sure that each morning you're doing your yoga, you're doing your meditation, you're doing your hydrotherapy, and you're taking at least a few minutes to get yourself right, especially … This is great to just continue doing, but really important right now.
If you've been putting this off and being like, “Yeah, I'll start next week. I'll start next week,” … You've been listening to us for … I'm having problems with communicating. You've been listening to us for awhile …

Siri Shakti: It's Mercury. It's Mars.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, it's Mars. Damn you, Matt Damon and your poop potatoes! What I want you to do is to start now. No more excuses, and if you have been doing it that's great. Give yourself a high five, a pat on the back, and continue to do so, because it's really important right now. Like Siri Shakti said, she's actually going to have on the episode page, she'll actually have some meditation for you guys to do.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. I'll put those together tomorrow and get them up.

Dr. Dan: Okay. Well, tomorrow doesn't make much sense to them, so …

Siri Shakti: Oh, well, in-

Dr. Dan: It'll be there.

Siri Shakti: In 24 hours …

Dr. Dan: It'll be there.

Siri Shakti: … it'll be there.

Dr. Dan: 24 hours after they've listened to this?

Siri Shakti: Okay, nevermind.

Dr. Dan: What if they listen to this a year from now? They're like, “Is it 24 hours yet?”

Siri Shakti: Okay. It's already up.

Dr. Dan: It'll be there, and if it's not there it'll be there very soon. How's that?

Siri Shakti: Very good.

Dr. Dan: Awesome.

Siri Shakti: All right. Well guys, get out there and don't forget to be a RockStar in your life.

Dr. Dan: Make the world your stage.


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