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Reclaiming Your Power First Thing In The Morning

“Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Makes A Person Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise!” (Read Time: 2 Minutes) In Kundalini Yoga and many other forms of yoga, martial arts, and meditation, we are taught to rise early in the morning.  The purpose for this is to rise in the early morning hours called “ambrosial hours” (the two…

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The Rights Of A Reader

How do you teach a child to read? (Read Time: 2 Minutes) I’m going to be very real with you. For the first years of our home schooling journey, this question rang like a bell in my head. Every day it whirled around, feeling confusion, and frustration. I doubted my ability to teach my children to…

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RockStar Lesson: Don’t Take a Turn to Negative Town!

RockStar Lesson: Don’t take a turn to negative town! (Read Time: Under 1 Minute) Do you ever notice how truly happy and successful people are not trying to crap on others and be a spiritual vampire constantly? They feed on the negativity and makes them feel like they have some kind of power over others. Be…

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How To Use Trello & Evernote – ADD No More!

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As many of you already know… I have some serious ADHD…lol

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