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Ep #28: Be Jealous

In this episode, discover how jealousy and envy are actually good and not to be avoided. They are both tools that when used correctly can help you to achieve your goals, desires, dreams and your true purpose and mission in your life. Be jealous and learn how to use jealousy to achieve success and make…

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Ep #27: The Family Bed

In this episode, you will discover the beauty of family bonding through implementing the beautiful tradition of the family bed. The family bed dates way back to our tribal culture and the 40-day blessing which enables newborn babies to enter this world powerfully so that they are fully integrated into their physical and energetic body.…

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Ep #25: Don’t Be Sick

In this episode, Dr. Dan discusses the importance of allowing your body and mind to fully rest when you are feeling under the weather. When Yogis are feeling what some call sick… they just say their body is cleansing. Just like how Mother Earth will cleanse itself with its rain. During this cleansing time, it allows…

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Ep #24: Be YOU!

Be your true self and stop playing small in your life! In this episode, we discuss how to be the most authentic version of ourselves and why it’s so important for you to stop hiding your awesomeness from the world. Discover how to break free and tap into who you were born to be. Be…

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Ep #23: You Got This!

In this episode, We get real about something we all go through and experience in our daily lives. Moments where we feel like giving up or not following through with our dreams, goals, desires, and commitments in life. Discover how to achieve all the things you have been holding off in your life. No more procrastination…

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Ep #22: Overcoming Depression

Don’t let depression keep you from fulfilling your purpose and mission in life. In this episode, we give you the tools we use to overcome depression in our own lives. Discover the hacks and cheat codes to overcoming depression.   Resources Mentioned In This Episode: Newtons Third Law of Motion Ep #4: Love Your Family…

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