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Ep #19: Blame It On Mercury

In this episode, you will discover how the planet Mercury goes into retrograde 3 to 4 times a year and how it affects us humans in our everyday lives. While Mercury goes into retrograde, be cautious when entering into new contracts, deals, using electronics, communicating with others and more. While Mercury is in retrograde, it…

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Ep #14: Fill Yourself Up!

In this episode, we show you how stop racing through your life on an empty tank and how to start filling up your tank in life! So that you can have the emotional and physical energy to live your true purpose and complete your mission in your life. Motivation and being committed to your goals…

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Ep #13: Love Your Haters

In this episode, we not only show you why you should LOVE Your Haters… We also give you the tools to repel them. These spiritual vampires feed off of your positive emotions when they bait you to turn to negative town. Join us on not only how to avoid these negative spiritual vampires, but how…

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