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Ep #9: Growing Pains and Not Growing Feel Good

They are called growing pains for a reason. In this episode, we will explore how in life we go through many different experiences/ lessons that can cause us to feel pain, fear and many other emotions. Almost everyone wants to avoid these growing pains, but ultimately the growing pains must be experienced to help you…

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Ep #7: Take a Mind Dump!

Are You Ready To Take a BIG Mind Dump? In this episode, you will discover what a mind dump is and why it’s a MUST strategy to add to your tool-belt if you want to avoid the overwhelm monster. This is our favorite way to get laser-focused on what’s important, avoid stress, overwhelm and the…

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Ep #6: Hug a Kid & Never Grow Up!

In this episode, we talk about how each previous generation (like Baby Boomers or Gen X) thinks the new generation (like Millennials or Gen Z) are doing things wrong. We talk about why this kind of thinking is dangerous. We also discuss the importance of supporting and caring for our children as well as never…

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Ep #5: Why Motivation Sucks

In this episode, You will learn why motivation sucks and why it won’t get you to the destination you want with your goals, dreams, desires, relationship, life and more. Motivation is a useful tool when it is used correctly. But most are doing it all wrong! Don’t make the same mistake others make when it…

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