Ep #16: Cleanse Your Way To Health

In this episode, we share how and why we do juice cleanses. It helps us to put our body and mind into peak shape. Juice cleansing is a powerful practice that can help you have the energy and health to live your purpose and mission in life. You can find many stories of how juice cleanses has helped restore health and vitality for so many people around the world. Don't neglect your health and discover how juice cleanses can help you today.

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Note: We will include our green juice recipe we use, more resources and links in the next 24 hours or less.


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Transcript: (Read Time: 31 Minutes)

Siri Shakti: Welcome to the RockStar In Life Podcast, where you learn the secrets to unleashing your inner rockstar so you can make the world your stage.

What's up, RockStars in life? It's Siri Shakti and I have my co-host here …

Dr Dan: Dr. Dan.

Siri Shakti: Well, today we're gonna be talking about how to cleanse your way to health. Specifically, we're gonna be talking about juice cleansing and we have so many cool things to share about this topic. It's something that's very fresh in my mind at least because I just finished a cleanse myself. But before we get into it, we want to give a little bit of a disclaimer here, right, Dan?

Dr Dan: We don't want to but we have to.

Siri Shakti: We have to give a disclaimer, yeah.

Dr Dan: For legal reasons we have to do that cover-our-butt disclaimer, which basically says that before you start any exercise type program or diet or whatever you want to call it … We don't like this word diet because it means like die in the first three letters with a T at the end, die. But always consult your physician or seek out medical advice or whatever and all that good stuff before you attempt anything.

Siri Shakti: That's right.

Dr Dan: All right.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr Dan: So, just to be clear, when we're talking about juice cleansing, we're not talking about like the Garth Brooks juice cleanse program or diet or whatever. I don't know if you remember the house from the movie So I Married … So I Married …

Siri Shakti: So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Dr Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr Dan: Or I Married an Axe Murderer? I can't remember. I wrote it down.

Siri Shakti: I know it is. It's So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Dr Dan: Yeah, yeah. So I Married an Axe Murderer with Mike Myers. Older movie but awesome.

Siri Shakti: Awesome.

Dr Dan: Still holds good from years ago. There was a mention in there about, “Oh, I'm in a Garth Brook juice cleanse,” or diet. That was pretty funny. I'll put a link down below to that clip because that was pretty awesome. So, we're not talking about that.

So I Married An Axe Murderer Clip

Also, there's another cleanse that I did years ago that somebody recommended, and I was like, “You know what, I'll try it out and see how it goes,” was the master cleanse, which was you took lemons, cayenne paper, and high-grade syrup. You do that a few times, I think it was like six times or more a day. I forgot how many days you're supposed to do it, but I did it a few days and I felt horrible.

Siri Shakti: I did, too.

Dr Dan: Horrible. I did not feel like any health was coming along my way.

Siri Shakti: I felt full of sugar, that's all I felt like.

Dr Dan: Yeah, that was insane. So, when we say juice cleanse we're not talking about any of those kind of … We're talking about vegetables. Organic is best and preferred, but vegetables being put through a, not a cleanser.

Siri Shakti: A juicer?

Dr Dan: A juicer, putting through a juicer where it's just squeezing all of the juice out of those vegetables that you normally chew up and then you would swallow the pieces of vegetables and stuff. Well, you're getting all that juice so you're not having to put your body through the process of having to digest the skin and the chunks or anything like that. It's that you just drink it all in and it's helping to flush all of those toxins out. Yep, so that's the kind of juicing we're talking about.

Siri Shakti: All right, so before we get into our personal story because we have been through cleanses ourself and we have a lot of experience with this over the years, I wanted to share with you a little bit about the benefits of doing a juice cleanse because there are so many benefits, and I won't even be able to cover them all here because I have met people and read stories of people healing themselves from all sorts of ailments and chronic pain and all sorts of things by juice cleansing.

I know people that have lost significant amount of weight by doing juice cleanses, like I said, healing from chronic pain, different diseases and things like that. But, of course, I'm not gonna sit here and say that doing a juice cleanse is gonna heal every disease. What I can tell you is that doing a juice cleanse is going to not … It's just gonna bring your body into a state of balance, it's gonna restore the body and help all of the organs and everything work a lot more efficiently.

Dr Dan: Yeah, I mean we've heard stories, we've seen documentaries, we have, firsthand, have known people that have done some miraculous things using this cleanses that we're talking about right here. We've seen amazing results ourself going through cleanses. That's what we can say, definitely.

Siri Shakti: Definitely. Yeah, and it's not hard to find. You get online and you look at stories, I mean you'll find countless stories of people talking about the transformations they went through. One of my favorite things is to see how people have lost weight and you see their before and after pictures. It's just so cool to think that drinking vegetable juice can restore your health in that way.

Dr Dan: Yeah. We'll put some links down below, some resources, some of the things that we found ourselves, and some things that have helped us. So, we'll definitely put that on this episode's page.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, for sure. Okay. Well, I want to explain a little bit about our own story and how we came into this. I mean it's been wow, I mean do you think it was maybe 10 years ago that we started playing around with this?

Dr Dan: Yeah, and you can probably refer to episode 11 as well, if you haven't listened to that yet, which is Hug a Cow Eat a Salad, where we talked about plant-based living and we tell quite a bit of our story there. This ties into that because I don't even … I don't think we talked about cleansing in there.

Siri Shakti: No.

Dr Dan: That's something that we did. That was a big part of this. I mean I did … I don't even know how many cleanses I've done, but when I started out I did I want to say seven-day … It might have been longer, but it was a seven-day cleanse, a vegetable juice cleanse, that we'll go into. Actually, I think the first time I did it was Thanksgiving. It was over 10 years ago, I believe, it's got to be over 10 … It is over 10 years ago. I remember it was pretty difficult but I felt pretty accomplished like, “Yes.” They're eating my favorite chips and stuff and I'm not having any so that means I'm awesome, right?

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr Dan: I'm super strong. Then I've done quite a bit of 24-hour cleanses and three-day cleanses, and quite a bit of that as well.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, and I remember being jealous of you because you were always able to do these long cleanses. I would last one day and then the second day I would just lose it, personally.

Dr Dan: You'll go nuts. You'll go like, “I can't do this. I'm shaky. I'm feeling all weird and stuff.” I'm like, “Break the cleanse, damn it. I can't handle this anymore.”

Siri Shakti: I was no fun to be around, yeah. For me, my background, I'm not gonna get too much into the story now, but I dealt a lot with an eating disorder. I was bulimic for years and so I really feel like back then the reason why I had such a hard time sticking to it is because for me, food was extremely emotional. I mean it is for everyone, but it was heightened for myself. So, going a day without food that you're eating, it was really hard for me. I felt that trigger … I mean at that time I wasn't bulimic anymore, but it definitely triggered me, and I didn't want that. So, it's amazing that at this point now I actually finished a long cleanse. I'm actually quite proud of myself.

Dr Dan: For people that don't know what bulimia is, maybe you should explain that. Otherwise, they might think of the movie like in Zoolander where they're like, “You can read minds?”

Siri Shakti: I mean I [crosstalk 00:08:29]

Dr Dan: Did she say she was bulimic or what did they …

Siri Shakti: Yeah, yeah. She said-

Dr Dan: Was it bulimic or was it …

Siri Shakti: Bulimia. Yeah, she said, you know, “I was bulimic,” and they looked at her and they're like, “You can read minds?” She's like, “No.” So, bulimia is where …

Dr Dan: I thought she said something different.

Siri Shakti: No, no.

Dr Dan: Okay, go on.

Siri Shakti: I promise you.

Dr Dan: All right, all right.

Zoolander Clip

Siri Shakti: I know, okay. So, bulimia is where you eat food and then shortly after you make yourself vomit it up, which now even saying it just sounds disgusting. It's interesting because it's such an emotionally-rooted thing. It has to do so much with yourself self-worth and we'll have to do another episode on this, in fact. But yeah, that was huge for me, and so doing a juice cleanse was hard. Actually at one point though, we, both of us, ended up doing a cleanse together. We went to Fiji for one of Tony Robbins' events and how long was that cleanse there? Do you remember? Was it like five days or something?

Dr Dan: Yeah, I think so. It's hard to remember because we went there quite a few times. I can't remember, but yeah. That was intense because … I know you'll tell your story about that, but I thought that was gonna be like easy. I've done cleanses before. I can do this, it's simple, but man, when I've done cleanses in the past … I remember the first time our friend, Paul, had said, “When you're doing a cleanse, just be prepared to go to the bathroom a lot and just grab a blankie and cuddle in bed. Don't do a lot of work or anything, or go out a lot.”

I'll say this is the exact opposite in Fiji because number one, it was hot, so that was something different. Then number two, they did not have us sitting around. They had us doing, I'm sure you'll get into that in a second, but they had us doing all kinds of stuff and activities as well. So we were not just sitting around. We're doing a lot. They're having us dance. Man, it hit me hard. I was just like, “Oh.” It was crazy.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, we were dancing. We went that one day to that village and did work in that children's hospital where we had to help paint and do you remember that?

Dr Dan: Where we had to?

Siri Shakti: No, I mean we've-

Dr Dan: We were volunteering.

Siri Shakti: Excuse me, we were volunteering.

Dr Dan: We were forced into labor.

Siri Shakti: No. That's not what I meant.

Dr Dan: They had guns to our heads.

Siri Shakti: We got to. It was an amazing experience. So, we were on our feet a lot so it was pretty tiring, but I know for myself that was the first time I actually made it through a juice cleanse because you're with so many people doing it so you feel very supported and so I was able to actually hang through that one. That was pretty cool because with that one, they did that testing where they take your blood at the beginning of the cleanse. Before you start, they take your blood sample and they show you your blood underneath a very high quality, intense microscope. Yeah, I was telescope and microscope confused.

Dr Dan: Yeah, it was a telescope. What they did is they actually flew to the moon and then put your blood there in this high-powered telescope. They looked at it under the telescope to see what your blood looked like on the moon.

Siri Shakti: It was awesome-looking.

Dr Dan: You got moon blood.

Siri Shakti: Okay, it was not a telescope. It was a microscope, yeah. They show you your blood …

Dr Dan: Just think of micro as like small. Micro it's looking down at something micro.

Siri Shakti: Thanks for that.

Dr Dan: You're welcome.

Siri Shakti: So, they were showing you know, “You got to see what your blood look like.” I remember for a lot of people there were blood cells that were oozing junk and sticking together.

Dr Dan: Just looked like death.

Siri Shakti: Looked like death and there wasn't a lot of activity. They were moving really slow whereas the blood cells are actually supposed to be moving pretty quickly and …

Dr Dan: Vibrant.

Siri Shakti: … vibrant, yeah. That was pretty cool. The other thing that we did there was we had our first ever colonics, which I have to tell you I was a little bit nervous and apprehensive about. The reason that they did that is because our intestines, over the years, all the food and everything that goes through it, over time it builds up … There's a lot of junk in there, a lot of trash that's just sitting along your intestines. Especially if you're trying to clear out, cleanse, and detox and trying to lose weight and things like that, you want everything to be flowing well that's gonna make the whole process a lot better. Another thing, too is that a lot of people get parasites that live in their intestines. So, the colonics help to get rid of all of that.

Dr Dan: Yeah, I mean think of it as like driving a car. If you pour sand in your car in the gas tank, it's not gonna run very well.

Siri Shakti: No. No, no, no.

Dr Dan: So you want to flush all that out. I mean that's the only way to get it out, you have to flush it out. It just builds up over time and gets worse and worse and worse. I remember those, man. Those colonics were very interesting. I would say eye-opening, but it opened something else up.

Siri Shakti: You get to sit there and you're getting this thing done. I mean you have a blanket over you but there's …

Dr Dan: What was that story though? Because we did those every morning. Didn't we do them twice a day or is it just once day or whatever?

Siri Shakti: No, once a day. We did multiple times, yeah.

Dr Dan: But wasn't there a story, the woman that was working with us, she told us that there's somebody that came to her that had stomach problems all their life? Was it like a toy or something that they chewed on and swallowed or something? It was their brothers or little brother like toy that they had always eat or something like that?

Siri Shakti: I don't know.

Dr Dan: It was something like that. It was pretty incredible because I had to ask her what's the most craziest thing that you've now seen people flush out. Besides that I mean, yeah, she said that … I don't think I … She didn't show us any of ours, but I've seen a line like parasites that came out. They said that there was one that was so big that it was huge and these are living things that if you saw on a leaf or something outside, you would think it was just a caterpillar … Not a caterpillar.

Siri Shakti: A worm.

Dr Dan: Like some kind of worm or bug or something.

Siri Shakti: A big one.

Dr Dan: They're even like, “Oh, what's this?” Just imagine that swimming around inside you.

Siri Shakti: Just eating away, having a feast.

Dr Dan: Yeah. So, that's why you want to cleanse.

Siri Shakti: Yes. Yeah, yeah. I mean a lot of people I know would be like, “Colonics? I'm not gonna get those done,” but honestly, I can tell you firsthand when you're doing a cleanse, it's really a benefit.

Dr Dan: Again, the things that we're talking about here is yeah, there's a perfect way of doing this, but it's not something you have to do right away. You can start out with the juice cleanse for whether it'd be … Heck, even if you can only last 24 hours, I mean that's better than nothing. It always has to come down to this like, yeah, push for three days or seven days. Again, it depends on where your health is right now as well and what your doctor recommends. If your doctor doesn't recommend doing juice cleanses, I recommend you get a new doctor. Find one that does.

Siri Shakti: I know. We have a great doctor and he said that they recently started recommending juice cleanses to their patients. They even do a group … For some of their patients they do a group water cleanse for three days, which I don't know anything about, but I was like wow, it's pretty cool to hear that they're doing things like that.

Dr Dan: Yeah, and that's what we do is we actually seek out a doctor that has a lot of the same beliefs and understands plant-based living. So, they were able to say like, “Yeah, we recommend this.” I love that. So, that's what I would recommend.

Siri Shakti: I wanted to tell a little bit about why I wanted to talk about this today. Because there is a purpose of why I decided to go on another juice cleanse, and one thing I didn't say is that I had originally set out to do a 10-day juice cleanse and I had never done one that long before. But eight days in, I decided to stop because I'm really listening to my body and I decided that my body was telling me, “You're done. That's enough.” The reason that I went on that is because a year ago, almost exactly, I was driving home one day taking my daughter back from a competition, it was nighttime. All of a sudden, my vision in my right eye went lopsided. I started feeling this pressure on the side of my head and I panicked. I mean I felt like I was just gonna faint because I didn't know what was going on.

I'm not gonna get too much into the story but what I will say is that it's been a year now and I went to doctors, I went to healers. I had a CT scan done, and no one could figure out what was going on. I'm not gonna say that none of those doctors, none of those healers couldn't help me because although they couldn't help me with my symptoms and figure out what was really happening, they did help me emotionally. I mean if it wasn't for all those people that I've talked to, I don't think I would have been able to make it through the past year emotionally. It was definitely the toughest thing I'd ever been through.

What ended up happening is about five weeks ago I was just eating some food and my crown came off. I had one crown on my upper right … It's my back right molar. I thought, “Shoot, this thing came out,” so I made a dentist appointment. I've talked to so many moms about this and I know this is kind of a common mom thing, that we send our children to the dentist, to the doctors all the time, but we always put ourself last. So, I hadn't been to the dentist in like two and a half years.

Well, I go in, they take an X-ray. When the dentist comes in, he says, “You know, you have a big infection up in your upper right molar.” Immediately the first thing I thought is, “Oh, my gosh. Is there is a connection?” Because it was my right side of my face and that was having all the symptoms. Part of me wanted to believe that, but I had gone to so many doctors and couldn't find answers that there was a little bit of fear that this wasn't gonna solve it. Anyway, so I took a deep breath, picked myself up. I went home and decided okay, I'm gonna go on this antibiotics and just see where it takes me. So, I went on antibiotics.

They ended up having to do with tooth extraction because the tooth was just, it was gone. As I'm getting the tooth extracted, he says to me, “How much do you want to know? Because not everyone wants to know what's happening.” I said, “Just lay it out.” He says that there was a cyst in there and the infection had actually gone through an inch of the bones. There was a big hole in there. On top of that, it had irritated the sinuses, which makes complete sense because for the past year I was having sinus pressure and couldn't get that to go away.

After that, I went on antibiotics and about two and a half weeks into my healing, I was noticing a little bit of improvement, but I was still noticing like my body was telling me there was a lot of inflammation. I was online looking at how to get rid of inflammation and ta-da, like magic, there it was. Juice cleanse. I was reminded of all the benefits and all of our juice cleanses in the past. I told Dan, “All right, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do a juice cleanse,” and I didn't know how long, I just knew I was gonna start. I decided, there's different options. I mean so many people buy juice cleanses nowadays, but I decided to just make my own.

I ended up, like I said, I was shooting for 10 days. I made it eight days. All I can tell you is that five days into the juice cleanse I no longer had any pressure on the side of my head. At this point, I barely notice any pressure in my sinuses. I mean it's just barely a smidge, but it's not even really bothering me. My vision in my right eye is significantly better. I mean I'd like to say a 100%, but I do notice a little bit still, but I'm not feeling scared about it anymore because I already am seeing the healing that's took place and I already know it's headed in a good direction.

Dr Dan: Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah, and I know for myself anytime I have to be medicated or whatever, like when I broke my foot a couple of years back, I remember one of the things is they prescribed, what was it? Vicodin, I guess. Yeah, it was Vicodin. So, I was taking that for a few days and again, I mean I like that kind of medication for two or three days because it really knocks out all the pain and everything. But you start to get a really dry mouth and you feel it in your body.

You just feel like, “Oh, man, I just feel achy.” I have no energy. I'm just out of it and this dry mouth. You just want to get rid of all that junk that's going through your body from that medication. I don't usually go on a juice cleanse after, but I eat raw vegetables. Raw vegetables just means that we don't cook anything, really. If I have soup, we're not boiling the soup or anything. It's like a slow, warm basically, to where it's warm. Putting the vegetables in there, not sauteing them or steaming them or anything like that. They're just in there and they're wet.

Siri Shakti: It's kind of a light steam.

Dr Dan: Yeah. I'll do that for one to three days and that had a very cleansing effect as well. Now, obviously, if I had eaten meat and a lot of dairy then I would need to go on something longer and more harsh. I don't want to say harsh, more like a seven-day straight up just vegetable juice and that's it, and do that for seven days and then come off that. It really depends on where you are. Again, like what the resource will give you. There's books that go through all of it. There's quite a few fad ones out there that will say like, “Oh, this is the perfect mix. That's the perfect mix,” but you know, I mean they're all … It's like organic vegetables. That's the important thing.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, definitely organic. Yeah.

Dr Dan: Yeah, that's the most important thing so with all those fads out there, as long as you're doing one of them you're probably pretty good with that.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. But I really like that you said organic though because you don't want vegetables that have pesticides all over it.

Dr Dan: Yeah, GMO or anything like that. I mean you do want to make sure you get the cleanest. Now, obviously if you don't have access to something like that, then so be it. It's better to do something than nothing.

Siri Shakti: That's such a good point because I was talking to our doctor and he said that sometimes people come to him and they just can't afford currently to do all fully organic vegetables for their cleanses, so they will either mix it up, do some organic, some non-organic, and they still see the benefits. It's just that if-

Dr Dan: Yeah, or go to a farmer's market as well and you might be able to get some …

Siri Shakti: Yeah, maybe some [crosstalk 00:25:40] or something. We're just talking about if you're trying to do like the best case possible then do all organic.

Dr Dan: It's kind of like that … This is kind of a bad joke, but to call it a joke, but it's that joke that I've heard for years and I've even said it to myself when somebody's like, “Oh, man I would do organic but it's too expensive.” I usually reply back with, “Well, it's cheaper than cancer.”

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr Dan: You know?

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr Dan: So, just saying not that you have to do organic, but if you can, do it. If you can't budget for it, well I highly recommend you do something on the side or start an online business where you can make a little bit more money because sometimes you just an extra $200 to $500 a month can actually pay for that.

Siri Shakti: Well, usually if we really are honest with ourselves, we can see areas where we're spending money on junk that we could be putting towards our health instead.

Dr Dan: Yeah, just don't shove Twinkies and hotdogs inside your juicer.

Siri Shakti: Oh, God.

Dr Dan: I should probably put a link to the kind of juicer that we use. I mean we've had a few over the years. Some are considered amazing, some are really expensive. I think for now we just bought like a …

Siri Shakti: I went to Target and I got mine and I love it. I really like it.

Dr Dan: I remember when I bought the first one, I forgot which model it was, but it was one of the best. It was expensive. It was a few hundred dollars and I remember reading that they were doing examples, and again, they were doing examples where they use the two different juicers. The cheap one you can get at Target and then the more expensive one. You got more juice squeezed out from the other one. So, I mean we didn't do a test. My wife bought that one so who knows? She likes to be thrifty. She likes to go, “Oh, I found a good deal.”

Siri Shakti: Actually, it wasn't even that. I was determined, in that moment I'm starting this cleanse. I'm getting my juicer, like I need it now.

Dr Dan: Well, that's what's important because you know, if you left it up to me I probably would have researched it for another week or two and then you might have been like, “Oh, man, I don't know if I'm gonna do this.” So, getting something now is better than not. So, probably I'll have to do some searches on the reviews as well and if I find a better one, I might do that one.

Siri Shakti: What we could do is post a link to the one I have now and the one that we bought years ago, so that way they have options if …

Dr Dan: Yeah. That way also, so if we get the more expensive one then they know that that one's actually better.

Siri Shakti: Cool.

Dr Dan: Anything's better than nothing.

Siri Shakti: That's right.

Dr Dan: Usually.

Siri Shakti: Well, yeah, usually.

Dr Dan: I want to say anything, but I think you guys are sophisticated to know, and intelligent enough to know that when I say anything is better than nothing then I'm talking about like even a cheap juicer is better than nothing. I'm not saying anything like a rock or a car driving over your vegetables with your car in a plastic bag, in a garbage bag, and then on that and do a cup and then [inaudible 00:28:57] that.

Siri Shakti: I should try that.

Dr Dan: Well, I guess it's better than nothing still, but as long as you're not doing Twinkies or something like that.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr Dan: Yeah, definitely.

Siri Shakti: Good examples.

Dr Dan: Don't do that, right?

Siri Shakti: Well, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what I use in my juices because now, like I said, there are a lot of juices out there nowadays. You can either buy … One place we love is Nectar and I know that they have a prepared juice cleanse. Personally, and I've done some of those, but personally, for me, I just love making my own because you can customize it. You can add your own things. On top of it, I love to add some different supplements and green powders to mine, so I'm just gonna go over what I used.

So, because I wanted to do the most strict cleanse possible, I didn't want to use anything that had high sugars. What I did is I stuck to really like as green as the vegetable could get. I used kale, red chard, zucchini, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and turmeric. Let me say I got to give a shout out to ginger and turmeric because I love those things. They are so good for inflammation so that really helped there. Like I said, you could, when you're making your juices, you could use other things. You could use beets. You could use carrots if you want to add a little bit of sweetness. Sometimes like there's this one juice recipe I found where it was all the green vegetables I suggested, but what he did is he added one green apple, which gave it a little bit of sweetness as well. It's really whatever you want to create.

I also want to tell you a little bit about the supplements that I use. Let me say it right now, I'm not telling you to go use these supplements, but I just want to let you know what I use because I found them to be so beneficial. Now, because I was healing, trying to cleanse my body after the antibiotics because although antibiotics are so good for fighting so many things, they also do some havoc on your body because they're getting rid of everything bad. But guess what? They're getting rid of everything good as well, so you want to rebuild your guts and bring that health back.

Dr Dan: You're talking about the antibiotics.

Siri Shakti: Antibiotics, yeah.

Dr Dan: It removes all of it.

Siri Shakti: All of it.

Dr Dan: The good and the bad. A lot of people don't realize that.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, so well, when I was on antibiotics everyday, twice a day I was using a probiotic so I continued the probiotic twice a day throughout my juice cleanse. Personally, for me, for us, we like this very good, high quality one called Bio-K. Because we eat plant-based they do have one that's made with rice, it's rice-based, so it doesn't have any dairy in it, which is so nice.
I also am a huge fan, and I use it often in my daily life, of Bragg's. I'm saying Bragg's, that's the brand because this is a really high quality version. It's apple cider vinegar. Now apple cider vinegar, it does a lot of things, and I'm just gonna mention a few here. It kills many types of bacteria, it lowers blood sugar levels, and also it helps to lower your cholesterol. So, what I did is I used two tablespoons of that per day. I just mix it with some water and drink it. You don't want to drink it straight because it's hoo, I mean that stuff is strong. I did that once a day.

There's something else that I use called bentonite clay, and this awesome for pulling out toxins out of the system. That I just use once a day. I think I used like a tablespoon and you also mix that with water, which it really doesn't have much of a taste to it. Then we're really big on green drinks and we've used different ones over the years so I'm not gonna give you an exact name of which one to use, but I use a green drink powder. It was morning and night so I'd mix a little bit of that with water …

Dr Dan: You're talking about the one that I bought?

Siri Shakti: I actually bought a different one, it's the same brand, but it has just some extra things in it.

Dr Dan: All right, we'll put links down below.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, okay. So, I did a green drink in the morning when i first woke up and then I would do a green drink before I went to bed. You see, I'm adding things even though that's not a juice it really helps with the whole cleansing process.

Dr Dan: Green drink is just they're vegetables grinded up in a special process towards a powder, and then when you add the water it's supposed to activate the photosynthesis or whatever you call it, inside of it.

Siri Shakti: Yes, yes. The one I had purchased, which I can't remember the name right now so I'll put the link, it was cool because it had land and sea vegetables in it. It had kelp and things like that, so I thought that was pretty cool.

Dr Dan: Very cool.

Siri Shakti: Then another link I'm gonna put is there's this tea that I use and it helps to cleanse, now let me say it, gently cleanse the toxins out of the liver. So, I would use that twice a day. Towards the end of my cleanse, I just use it once a day. You'll notice that after you drink it, within half an hour you have to pee. It just works really well.

Dr Dan: That's fun. Don't drink it before you go to work or …

Siri Shakti: Before you go driving, yeah. Let's see what else. About halfway through my cleanse, I've found something called Moringa powder. I found such good information about this. I mean it's so cool. Moringa it's actually high in several antioxidant compounds. It basically helps to relieve stress and inflammation from the body. It has vitamin C, beta carotene, I mean that's just a few of the things. That's also in a powder form, which I just … What I did is because you're supposed to take two teaspoons a day, so I just added that to two of my juices and just shook it up like that. Boy, I use a lot of things.

I also used liquid Bragg's oil, which we use it with the kids in our daily life. What this does is it has all of the essential fatty acids. So, I pour a teaspoon of that in two of my juices as well. I think that might be it. Let's see. Yeah, so that's it. As far as my juicing, what I did is each morning I would just juice all of my vegetables for the day and I would have, I use mason jars because I love those. I would fill up five juices for the whole day so that way if I needed to leave the house in a minute, I could just put one in the cooler with some ice and just head out the door, and I didn't have to worry about making my juice at last minute. That kind of thing.

Dr Dan: Yeah, I know there's also like I was just looking it up to remember the name, but there are some pre-packaged type of juice cleanses that you can do as well. I can't speak for all of them. I know that Nectar has some and I think I tried a couple of them, I did not like them. They had a vegan … Or not vegan. They had organic ones and non-organic ones. I remember going through it or something. There's something about it that was like reviews and stuff that people wrote and it wasn't very favorable, so I decided not to go with that one just to test it out. But I ended up doing one called, I've never said this out loud so I don't even know if I'm saying it right, Suja? Or Suja?

Siri Shakti: Suja.

Dr Dan: Okay. It's S-U-J-A.

Siri Shakti: Those are good.

Dr Dan: Yeah. I remember seeing her on the girl that put this out, the woman that put this out, or created it, or she owns it, or whatever. I can't remember her name. I just saw it a second ago. Anyway, she did a Ted Talk, she talked about her personal story and why she decided to create these juices. So I thought that was a good story. I did do a cleanse on that. I can't remember how many days I did but they have packages that you can buy at Whole Foods. I think they even have them now at Costco and stuff like that. I mean that's a great start.

Siri Shakti: It is, yeah.

Dr Dan: If what's holding you back is getting a juicer and doing all this. I know when I did it, it felt pretty decent but it wasn't the same … I didn't get the same feeling as I do when I juiced our own vegetables. I did notice that there was a little bit of a difference there, but again, it's great for a start to try it out if you know you're the kind of person … Like look, I got to buy a juicer and I got to go get all these vegetables because you can't buy seven days worth of vegetables …

Siri Shakti: No.

Dr Dan: … at once. You have to buy like two days to three days max of vegetables. So, at least start with something.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, I'm glad you said that because I don't want … I mentioned a lot of things here and I know what it's like. I've felt this so many times. When you're hearing something new that you're interested in, but there's so many pieces to it, it feels overwhelming. It sounds like more than it really is though, but if that's what's holding you back, just do something like that just to get started and have an experience of what it's like.

Then even if you're doing one of those pre-made cleanses you can add any sort of supplementation that you want to it. I have read that people don't usually take actual vitamins during their juice cleanse. I'm sure you can hear conflicting things about this, but what I have read and the people I've talked to, they stop taking their vitamins during that time because the juice is giving you so much. You're getting pretty much what you need.

Dr Dan: Plus, you're trying to give your body a break from having to break things down, adjust it like that. A multivitamin is usually pretty hard and your body has to work on doing that. Yeah, there's many reasons, but yeah, you are again, so many veggies. But just make sure that when you do it that if you have to drive like commute, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time in case you got to pull over and go to the restroom on your way to work.

Siri Shakti: Pee before you go in the car.

Dr Dan: And at work as well. If you have to travel a lot you might want to wait until after you're done traveling or work around it. But just prepare that you're gonna be going to the restroom a little bit more often. Or not a little bit, a lot more often, right? Everybody reacts a little differently to how their body will respond to a cleanse.

Siri Shakti: That's right, yeah. Well, that brings me to my next part, which is what can you expect from it. There are many symptoms that people … I mean everyone's different, let me put it that way. Usually within your first two to three days you're gonna feel you know, the most stuff going on. For some people it's just really lethargic. Some people it's hunger pains. Some people feel, I don't know, I've heard people say they've had flu-like symptoms, but I think that's usually if your body is pretty toxic, if you have a lot going on you can get those types of symptoms. I knew from me I just felt really tired. Food cravings weren't so bad, which I was kind of amazed because I was cooking everyone's food the whole time. On top of it, we went out to dinner twice for my son's birthday and I'm just sitting there seeing all the food going by like, “Oh, gosh, yeah.”

Dr Dan: I remember that for the first day is not as bad. It was always the second and third days would be the more intense. One time I remember getting really bad headaches.

Siri Shakti: That's another one, headaches, yeah.

Dr Dan: It just depends. Everybody is a little different, and how your body is just getting rid of all that junk inside you.

Siri Shakti: But then what happens I'd say most people I've talked to is like after that third day, all of a sudden you get over that hump and you feel more energy, the cravings aren't so much there, things like that. It settles down. I know, that's what I felt. It's not like I was like jumping up, ready to go on a marathon or anything, but I definitely felt clear and more energy, and I still feel it right now.

Dr Dan: That's awesome.

Siri Shakti: The thing is is like when you're coming off of a cleanse, because being on the cleanse is just part of it. Coming off the cleanse is very, very important. You don't want to just jump off your cleanse and go out to your favorite restaurant and have a smorgasbord. Your body has been through a detox, has been through a cleansing. What you want to be doing is you want to slowly come out of it. I'm in that process right now.

Yesterday it was the last day of my cleanse so for the next three days I'm eating nothing but vegetables, I'm having salads, I'm having vegetable soup with vegetable broth, things like that. Then after that, I'm gonna include some fruits, and then after that I'll do seeds and nuts, and then finally, well, because we're plant-based eaters so I won't be introducing any plants … Excuse me, any animal proteins. I'll be introducing legumes and some whole grains, things like that.

Dr Dan: What are legumes for people that don't know?

Siri Shakti: Like beans and sprouts.

Dr Dan: So why don't you just say beans and sprouts? I always wondered that back when I didn't know that.

Siri Shakti: Legumes sound so much cooler.

Dr Dan: Back when I didn't know what that meant, I was like, “What? What are you talking about? Like legumes? Water legume?”

Siri Shakti: I'm trying to sound cool. You're messing it up.

Dr Dan: I know, I'm sorry.

Siri Shakti: God, wow.

Dr Dan: All right, carry on.

Siri Shakti: Carry on, yes. Yes. Then after that, because I've done this juice cleanse and it has inspired me so much, what it's led to now is our whole family is gonna be going through this shift together. We're gonna be moving into more of a raw food, uncooked food type of diet. So we are gonna do some cooked food-

Dr Dan: Uncooked vegetables.

Siri Shakti: Uncooked vegetables, yeah.

Dr Dan: Not raw meat or something like that.

Siri Shakti: Yes. This is what I'm gonna be following for our whole family. I'm gonna do 70% veggies, 10% fruits, and 20% grains, beans, nuts, things like that. So, I'm gonna do my best to stick to that. Of course, after I'm done coming off of this cleanse and everything, of course, we'll go out to dinner to our favorite restaurant sometimes and go out and have our vegan ice cream. But as a family, we're wanting to make a shift now in our health and so that's not gonna be a regular occurrence. It's gonna be like more of a fun thing every once in a while to do.

Dr Dan: Exactly.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. All right, so is there anything else that you'd like to add?

Dr Dan: Nope, that's it.

Siri Shakti: Okay.

Dr Dan: Let's do the RockStar mission.

Siri Shakti: Yes, let's do it.

Dr Dan: Yep. Well, before we do, like always, don't forget to go rockstarinlife.com to get links to the resources mentioned in this episode, this episode's transcript, download free books, training, yoga, and meditation, homeschooling advice, and so much more being at it every single week. Go to rockstarinlife.com and join the RockStar in Life revolution today.

Siri Shakti: Awesome.

Dr Dan: Yep. So okay, so your RockStar mission for today is gonna be a pretty simple one, right? What that is, is we want you to watch two documentaries, two movies, they're movies. I believe both of them are on Netflix. So, I'll link to them. I'll link to them in episode 11. Is that episode 11? Yep, Hug a Cow Eat a Salad. I'll put those links again down below so that way you can check out the documentaries and what are the documentaries we want them to watch?

Siri Shakti: Oh, they're so good. One is Forks Over Knives and the other one is What the Health.

Dr Dan: Yep. It's a great, great documentaries to watch, and if you haven't watched them, watch them.

Siri Shakti: Yes. Yes, please. Yes.

What The Health Trailer

What The Health (On Netflix)

Forks Over Knives Trailer

Forks Over Knives (on Netflix)

Dr Dan: We'll start with that and then we'll also have resources for this episode like I mentioned with some books or some resources for you to decide on what kind of cleanse you want to start with first, what kind of juice cleanse. It's a little tough to give you an exact assignment of you need to do 10 days or seven days or whatever. Because everybody else is starting at a different point. You might have been vegan your entire life or for the last five years, you might have already done cleanses. Maybe you haven't done one in a while and this is a good refresher for you for certain people like that maybe 24 hours is good enough, but maybe you've neglected your health, been heavily medicated or whatever, and it's time for you to cleanse yourself so you would need something a little longer.

So what we would say is start with at least 24 hours. If you can do more, then yeah, three to seven days would be even better, and heck, even 10 days. But this isn't a competition. You don't have to push yourself to 10 days. If you've been pretty clean your entire life and you've been vegan then you might not need as long. Again, if you're seeking out physician like we recommended, have them recommend how long you should do it. Then keep a journal as well and write down how you feel as you're going through it.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, definitely. It's so nice to be able to look back and see your progress and I know I'm gonna have my daughter do that because she's gonna be going on … Or excuse me, she just started today on juice cleanse so I'm gonna have her start writing in her journal.

Dr Dan: Love it. All right, I ain't got nothing else.

Siri Shakti: Sounds good. Guys, don't forget to be a rockstar in your life.

Dr Dan: and Make the world your stage.


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