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Download Both of Dr. Dan's Books [$30 Value]
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The RockStar book has 45 Lessons that Dr. Dan used in his own life to unleash his inner RockStar and make the world his stage!

Each lesson is taught short, straight to the point with a cartoon to illustrate. Inspired by books like Garfield and The Farside comics Dr. Dan loved as a kid. Some call it a fun coffee table book to inspire and teach you to unlock your greatness!

In this RockStar book, he will share these lessons with you in RockStar! 45 RockStar Lesson to be a RockStar in your life and make the world your stage! So don't hesitate and buy this book now!


Never before have all these secrets been revealed in one book! Imagine having the time and finances to travel the globe and spend countless hours learning from Eastern Gurus to the worlds greatest Relationship Experts.

Dr. Dan has lived such a life and has spent countless hours sifting through all of these resources and has compiled them into this book.

He has not only been teaching these secrets for years but has used this priceless knowledge to attract the person of HIS dreams in his own life! His lovely wife Siri Shakti.

This is not just another boring book on how to heal your relationship, or how to pick up the opposite sex or trick them into being attracted to you. If you are ready to attract the person of your dreams into your life, and you are ready to learn the secrets on how to keep them, then this book will not only teach you how, it will be a guide that you will reference to, for the rest of your life!

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