How To Create a FREE Register Link in Teachable

Use this method if you are using another shopping cart or need to make a free product access as a bonus etc. Use this link you create as the thank you page so customers can create their registration for free to the paid course they are getting as a bonus etc.


To create a free reg link in teachable you need the following:


1. Grab your School ID which. In the example below mine is: 107145


2. Grab your Course ID. It can get confusing because Teachable calls Pricing option Product ID. In this example the Course ID is: 146722


3. Grab your Product ID. Teachable should have called it Pricing ID since its the ID you find for pricing. In this example it's: 498626


4. Create a coupon for Free and copy the ID number. In this example it's: GHA8GDV4WYFFV


5. Add all the above to the link below. replacing the product ID and Course ID

Here is an example link you need to take them straight to register for that product:

In the above example:

School ID: 107145 (always the same)

Product ID: 498626 (each products pricing has a different ID. They should have called this Pricing ID because it's confusing)

Course ID: 146722

Coupon Code: ABPV7BK57TIRSX


Last Step (Optional)

6. Create a redirect link like this… (So customers don't see the long link and think they got a special link that is tracked to them and they won't try to share it:



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