Ep #13: Love Your Haters

In this episode, we not only show you why you should LOVE Your Haters… We also give you the tools to repel them. These spiritual vampires feed off of your positive emotions when they bait you to turn to negative town. Join us on not only how to avoid these negative spiritual vampires, but how to succeed and not be affected by them.


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Siri Shakti: What's up RockStar's in life? It's Siri Shakti, and today, I'm joined by my awesome co-host …

Dr Dan: Doctor Dan.

Siri Shakti: Today's episode is …

Dr Dan: Love Your Haters.

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr Dan: That's a fun one to say, right?

Siri Shakti: That is, because oftentimes, I don't think we really think for ourself as let's love our haters, right?

Dr Dan: Nope, and it ties into episode four we did a while back, which was love your family and chose your friends, but on that one, we focused more on the family aspect and the spiritual vampires and getting rid of them all and also, your social diet but, felt that this is definitely something that we had to dive deeper into, especially with everything that's going on. All this negativity going on in the world right now. It's not even, I don't think it's what's going on is different or new. It's just, it's we're more social now online, which is a weird thing to say. We're social. No, we're anti-social now because, we're all online.

We're not socializing in person but, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and forums, in the blog comments, under YouTube videos. I mean, everywhere there's just all this negativity going on and, we call them trolls. People say, “Don't feed the trolls.” For those of you who don't really know what troll is, it's somebody trolling. They're trolling for negativity. They're trying to get a raise.

They're trying to bait people into just arguing and screaming. They're just in a bad mood and they just want to bring other people down to their level and that's why we call them spiritual vampires, that kind of person. Whether it's online or in person, in real life. That's what they want to do because it satiates them because it's like their blood if they're a vampire. That's why we call them a spiritual vampire.

Siri Shakti: You know, you think about it, most those people behaving in that way would never talk to people in face-to-face that way, but they feel like because, there's that barrier of it being social media, being on the computer, online, they can say whatever comes out of their mouth, or whatever comes out of their mind.

Dr Dan: Yeah. Actually, I think they post it before it even comes out of their mind.

Siri Shakti: Yes, yes.

Dr Dan: It skips their mind and goes straight to the keyboard. And they type it in. And if you go to YouTube, and I mean, it's all over. If you go to like Reddit, which I don't go on Reddit or anything like that, but Reddit's pretty horrible when it comes to that stuff, but if you go on YouTube, I see it all the time, just watch like somebody's interview or a video or anything and you will find the most destructive, and negative and just appalling. If you want to ruin your day, if you're having a great day, and you just want to ruin it and like maybe even, possibly throw up in your mouth a little bit, go ahead and go to YouTube and read some comments under some popular videos and music videos or interviews, or anything. I mean, something that could be even amazing. We're not talking about politics or opinionated, or anything like that. You just get some crazy, crazy, horrible comments.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, yeah.

Dr Dan: Well, I definitely wanted to mention some of my favorite quotes that I've seen because I actually have a shirt that has “I love haters” on it, a tank top and, some of my favorite quotes are ones that I like to remember and have in front of me to kind of read every now and again to get a chuckle is, if you don't have haters, you must be doing something wrong. Another one is, haters don't really hate you. They hate themselves because, you're a reflection of what they wish to be, which I really like. Another way of saying that is, the haters don't hate you. They hate the reflection they see in you, of themselves and that's actually, more accurate. We've talked about that, I believe on episodes or, we could talk more about that, but another is, this is a good one for business. Hustle until your haters ask if you're hiring.

Siri Shakti: Oh, that's a good one.

Dr Dan: Yeah, and then another one is, “I don't have haters. I have fans in denial. I can definitely attest that because both those, the last two that I just said, hustle until your haters ask if you're hiring, and I don't have haters. I have fans in denial, because in my business, I've had people that have given really bad comments on social media one way or another for me, or somewhere, they left a comment that was negative. I came back with a sarcastic remark, but not in a negative way. More of a, “You know, hey, I'm not accepting your negative gift.” If you guys remember that example I gave in that one of the episodes, I don't know if it was that one, I think it was. It might have been the Love Your Family, Choose Your Friends.

That might have been the one where I said, “If somebody tried to hand you a gift, and you say no thanks, and you don't even put your hand out or even take it, if you don't accept it, whose gift is it?” Even if they put it on the ground right there, and then they walk away and you walk away, well, it belonged to them.

Siri Shakti: That's right.

Dr Dan: They left it there, and then it belongs to whoever chooses to pick it up. Same thing goes here is don't accept that negativity, and you could win some haters over. They'll be like, “Oh, I respect you now or something like that.” This happens to me all the time at seminars and events that I would speak out or attend, and I had somebody that's hating on us. Then they would meet me, and we would get to talking. I didn't even know they were hating on me, and then they told me like, “Oh, I'm sorry I wrote that comment.” I was like, “Oh, which one?” Then they told me, and I'm like, “No worries, man.” They're like, “I can tell. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.”

Siri Shakti: Yeah, but you know what? You're right because if you look at people that are really successful, they usually have so many fans, but they also have the equal amount of people that can't stand them or just like to talk crap about them even though they don't really even know the person.

Dr Dan: Well, it's a disease in a way or a virus that spreads because you see somebody that … I'm sure everybody knows somebody or maybe it's yourself that you were treated very badly as a child by one of your parents, or a family member or somebody at school that bullied you, and it's a vicious circle, and you get bullied so you typically take it out on somebody else. It's just a vicious circle. The person that's bullying at the school is more than likely they've been bullied by one of their family members or their brother or somebody like that. Then they are feeling like crap and worthless, then they go around doing it to somebody else.

It's like, “Oh. Well, somebody did this to me, so I'm going to do it to you.” It's one of those bad chain letters. I think the last one sounds like Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, “He's giving away a dollar for every time you share this email with somebody.” Or this Facebook post and he's tracking it. I think it started out like Bill Gates with Microsoft and it used to be an email people would send around. I don't know if you remember that one.

Siri Shakti: I don't remember that.

Dr Dan: Oh, okay. I know you've got it because everybody's got it and it said on there like, “Oh, this email is being tracked and every person that you send it to, you're going to make a dollar.”

Siri Shakti: Oh, wait. Actually, I do remember that now.

Dr Dan: It's just a chain letter. It's just spreading negativity. That really served no purpose other than to see if they could get people to send it out, so somebody can say “I got everybody to do that. Ha ha ha ha.”, right? That's what it is. It's like a disease. It's like a virus that goes around, and the same thing goes with negativity. You need to be the one to stop it. If somebody's handing around a package full of horse poop or elephant poop, and they're just handing it from one person to another. Each person's taken that poop and taking their own little piece of poop first and then they hand it to somebody else to get their poop. Somebody needs to cut that off at some point. Just be like, “You know what? No. I'm not accepting that.”

Siri Shakti: As you're talking about the horse poop, I just thought of something I'd like to add. There's times where I'm on Facebook and I don't notice it as much on Instagram. Instagram I feel like has a lot more positivity, but Facebook. I don't go on there as much now because I feel like there's quite a bit of negativity and trolls and things like that, but there's times where I will see a post or I'll read something, and I do feel very passionate about it or I see the conversations that are going on, and I want to jump in there, and I want to add my two cents, I want to add my opinion.

I think I've done it just a handful of times, and I started to learn my lesson that the people that are on there going back and forth, no one really wants to hear what each other has to say. Everyone just wants to say their two cents. They just want to say what they have to say and most of the people want to just argue back and forth. I'm not going to speak for everyone, but I've decided that for the most part, I'm not going to jump in on those conversations because I don't want to get mixed up in the drama. I'm sure you've had experiences like that as well, where you've seen that back and forth going on.

Dr Dan: Just about every single day because in my business because it's an internet business, and we have Facebook private groups that we have to maintain, I'm on Facebook. Obviously, I'll look and see my notifications and I've pretty much been able to … Obviously, stuff still gets in. I couldn't imagine somebody who doesn't know how to really filter out stuff in Facebook because I removed … Every time somebody add to a group, I don't know if there's way from removing people being able to add you to a group. I don't remember if there's a way to do that or not, but probably is.

Complicated in certain things and I'm always finding new ways of filtering stuff out, but I remove whenever I'm added to a group, I'll either leave it if it's not something I want to be in or it's a negative group, or I'll turn off notifications in that group. You have to go o to the dots at the top, I think it's three dots or something, you click it and settings or something, and then you say don't notify me, unless somebody tags you or something, then you won't see it because Facebook's job and I remember hearing this interview of Facebook's job is to consume as much of your time as possible.

To keep you on Facebook, which makes sense for business parties because they want. Do you think they only want you on there an hour a day? No, just like television, they want you hooked on their network as long as humanly possible. Same thing with Facebook and the benefit of Facebook is, they send you notifications that ding on your phone or vibrate or whatever, unless you turn those off, and they're constantly saying, “Oh. Did you see what so and so said and they're not even mentioning you.”, and they're like, “Oh. So and so commented.” “Oh, hey. Heres something that happened four years ago, let's celebrate.” “Oh, hey. You've been friends with somebody for this long.” “Oh, hey. So and so poked you.”

One that's annoying me right now is when I get somebody that friends me or something that I automatically get a notification in my, what is it called, Messenger as well that says, “Oh, they're on Messenger too now. Say hi.” I'm like, “Dude, seriously?” Every time I accept a friend now, I'm going to have to freaking open a chat with them, “Oh, hey. What do got [inaudible 00:13:20] friends?”

Siri Shakti: It's like a notification for everything.

Dr Dan: Yeah, they have notifications of notifications of notifications, and it's an endless loop, but there is a way of reducing it, which is great, but one thing I want to mention is Facebook or in real life, we all need to live in harmony. We're all on this planet earth, that's getting more crowded and crowded every day. We all need to respect each other's points of view even if you don't agree with them, and the important thing is to understand.

If you're listening to this podcast, you're listening to this episode, there's a very good chance that you are the type of person that is aware of other people's points of views, and you're capable of respecting that even if you don't agree with them. Now, don't expect those other people to feel the same way because they are children. They are like little baby toddlers and they just don't, and I don't mean that in a bad way, it's their awareness level. It's the level that they're at as far as the comprehension of other people and their feelings and their beliefs, and they're not willing to waiver.

They believe it's their duty to tell you if you don't go to church and you don't believe in Jesus Christ, and let Him in your heart, then you're going to hell, which we've actually been told by somebody's kid on more than one occasion where we're told, “Oh, you don't know about Jesus?”, right?

Siri Shakti: I'm like, “Actually, I love Jesus.” Oh, here we go, we're getting into a religious conversation.

Dr Dan: They were like, “If you don't go to church, if you don't do these certain things, then you're going to hell.” We're talking about religion or politics or abortion or any of those other topics, a lot of them are like, “Look, this is how it is and this is the truth, and if you don't believe my way, then you're going to hell.”, or “I don't believe you're worthy of anything.”, and the only thing you can do is respect their own opinion, their own beliefs, not agree with them, but don't argue with them, and don't expect them to agree with you and give you the same courtesy. Like somebody that flips you off while you're driving by, you don't pull over and start trying to convince them that they shouldn't be flipping you off.

Siri Shakti: You know what happens when you try to argue with someone and convince them, they dig their heels in even more because if they feel like they're wrong, and for people that have those convictions like that, especially when it comes to religious point of views and political, oh boy, you really have to take a different stance because we've seen it. We see it every day, right?

Dr Dan: Every day.

Siri Shakti: On social media, on the news, everything that's going on right now in this country and all around the world, everyone's fighting with each other and trying to force their opinion. It gets nowhere. We have to finally wake up and realize that forcing each other and pushing our opinions on each other, it doesn't get very far. I'm not saying you sit down and take a passive role, that's different, right?

Dr Dan: Yeah, no. It definitely is. You still need to stand up for what's right, you just don't need to argue with the wrong people that don't matter, and aren't the decision makers anyways. I mean, if you want to get into something controversial like oh, well, gun laws in the US. That's huge on Facebook right now. People are just going at each other and they're like, “You know having stricter gun laws won't work and this won't work and that won't work.” It's like everybody's trying to convince each other, oh point out this rifle. Do you know which one's an assault rifles? Do you know which one's not? What about the amendment? What about this? What about that? My rights, and all these other things.

You know what? All we know is that whatever we're doing isn't working right now. When somebody says, “Oh, it's not a gun thing. It's a mental health thing.” Well, it can be more than one thing. All we know is, whatever we're doing isn't working, so stop arguing about what's not working and do something. Do something. Do something different and continue to do something different until it's fixed, and it might take six months, a year, ten years from now because we didn't just wake up into this problem that we have right now.

Siri Shakti: No, it's piled.

Dr Dan: It's going to take time. It's going to take time to unfuck the world. Yeah, I said that, and I got a teacher that says that, right?

Siri Shakti: Yeah, you do.

Dr Dan: We need to. We need to, and whether that's going to be you out there doing a peaceful protest or a peaceful march for peace, anti-protest, or what do they call that that you say?

Siri Shakti: I just said yeah.

Dr Dan: No, no, no. What was that called? The anti- … I want to attend an anti-war, but I will attend a …

Siri Shakti: A peace rally?

Dr Dan: Something like that.

Siri Shakti: Okay.

Dr Dan: If it comes back to you, then you can say it because I remember hearing that from somebody saying, “I won't attend a anti-anything.”

Siri Shakti: Oh, it's was Mother Teresa. They were talking to Mother Teresa and she said she won't go to anti-war anything like that. She'll go to pro-peace, yes.

Dr Dan: Pro-peace? It's a weird one I said. Pro-peace march and stuff like that.

Siri Shakti: You just sounded weird when you said it, that's okay.

Dr Dan: Yeah, I did. It sounded like a candy or something like that.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, and if we can just step back and realize that like you were saying Dan, we have more than seven billion people on this planet. This planet is very, very populated and we have to learn how to live together and there's so much going on right now that there is this thick layer of concern and fear that is bubbling on the surface and a lot of people are trying to avoid through whatever means possible that they do in their daily life to avoid it.

Dr Dan: Yeah, they try to distract themselves.

Siri Shakti: Distract themselves, yeah, but …

Dr Dan: There will be TV, drugs, or alcohol, which is drugs as well.

Siri Shakti: Yup, and here we have social media, which is a perfect platform for this feeling of freedom to just let off some steam, and that's where we get the people who just express whatever it is that they want and for people that are really frustrated, they're going to let out or be in that role of the troll like we're talking about.

Dr Dan: Yeah, they're going to kick their feet. They're going to stomp their feet. That's what I said, they're children and you need to understand that. You don't tell them like, “Oh, you're a child.”, because then you're doing the same thing and you just tell yourself that when you see them stomping their little feet, and just remember that. Man, if you think of it as a child, I don't know if you've raised a child, and they don't want to eat their vegetables, or they don't want to eat the food you get them or they tore their diaper off and threw it on the ground and it had poop in it or something.

You can sit there and try and talk to this one-year-old or haw ever many months old that is and they're just going to look at you and they might giggle or they might continue crying, but do you expect the next time that it comes around that you're going to be like, “Oh, I told you last time don't do this.” No. Done expect them to be any different, and it actually helps sometimes for me when I see them trolling and just trying to spread their hate and I just giggle, and I have to catch myself sometimes.

Sometimes I let it feel a little bit like, I just want to attack as well, maybe I'm in a mood, but I just take a step back and I just remember that they're a little child kicking their little feet and holding their breath and saying, “I'm going to hold my breath until you give me what I want because I don't want to go to bed.” “I want to keep playing my toys.”

Siri Shakti: Well, I know for me it's definitely been a test in my own self control because oh my gosh. There's sometimes somethings that I see that really just upset me and I want to get in there and just be part of it, and just hash it out, and say what I want to say. I'm like, okay, I'm going to hold myself back from doing that, and I think another thing that goes hand in hand with that is to some degree, depending on who you are and how sensitive you are to things like this, you have to also know how to protect yourself on social media, and protect your children on social media.

I know, our kids have their own YouTube channels and our oldest daughter, I remember like a year or two years ago something like that. I went on there and there was this jerk, this guy who had said some really mean things. Now, thankfully …

Dr Dan: Yeah, said some racist stuff too.

Siri Shakti: Oh, which is awful, awful, and she was just, oh my gosh, sweetest little thing on there and we were monitoring her account. We were the ones that found it, and what did you do? Do we block it?

Dr Dan: Yeah, I ended up blocking. YouTube's a little bit more difficult because can create another account and they can have it under any name they want. Unfortunately, that's what I'm saying. People really negative on there because of that. Way more than even Facebook because Facebook they make it a little bit more difficult to open multiple accounts and if you get banned, then sometimes they can ban an IP or something like that whereas with YouTube, it usually takes a little bit more, but yeah we ended up deleting them. I notified Facebook about, or not Facebook, YouTube about it as well, and just said, “Hey, this person's spreading some hateful stuff on here and harassment and bullying.”

Siri Shakti: Yeah and if you think about it, this is so new. The cyber bullying. This is a new thing that the young generation is having to deal with that our generation didn't have to deal with. I think as parents, we're still trying to figure out what is the best way of protecting them from them and teaching them.

Dr Dan: It's teaching them. It's teaching them. It will be like saying, well, what do you do if your kid falls out of a little boat? Oh, they're going to drown. Imagine you're telling them, you're trying to teach them all these ways of avoiding falling out of the boat, which is great, but you want to teach them how to swim because no matter what you teach them, there's still the chance they're going to fall in and when you rather them know how to swim in case they fall in, which at some point in their life they're ending up in water more than likely at some point. That's going to come handy.

Teach them how to swim, and again, it's teaching them everything we just taught you. Whether it be they listen to this episode, these are things that we're teaching our kids, and we're constantly talking to them about it because we're open with our children and we don't hold anything back, and we teach them the things so they can be better prepared for this world because we had a stumble around like a blind in an orgy where they poke their way around.

Siri Shakti: Wow.

Dr Dan: Caught you off guard didn't I?

Siri Shakti: That was a good one, yeah. Now I have this image.

Dr Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: Okay, okay.

Dr Dan: I can't take credit for that. I got that from Playboy magazine or something for the articles.

Siri Shakti: Yes, well, thank you for that.

Dr Dan: You're welcome, but one thing I will mention is when you move forward and have more success. The more you push forward, and I can attest this. Man, this has happened to me so much and it's happening right now. In the last two months, it's been insane the amount of negativity and push back we call it that's been coming in to my professional, and business, and personal life, and this is called … what was this? Newton's third law, which is … what's it called again?

Siri Shakti: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Dr Dan: The Newton's third law of motion, and there's lots of examples that you can find online, and one of the examples I like is a bird. When a bird is in the air and they're flapping their wings, the bird is pushing its resistance from their wingspan, it's hitting the air. Well, when it does that, and the bird is either going up or whatever angle they're going at, that air doesn't just do nothing. That air goes down just like if you have a fan on, you will feel the air being pushed down you, and that's the same thing that's going right there.

As you move forward and the more success you have, you can definitely expect more negativity. Well, we don't call it negativity. We just call it push back. You know you're growing. I mean it's like that other episode we do, is growing pains, not growing feel good, and you becoming that butterfly. That's all part of the process. Just like a bird can't fly without expecting that wind to change directions as well, otherwise, it will just fall like a rock, and it won't be able to fly.

Newtons Third Law of Motion

Siri Shakti: Yes, I can say you and I have had many experiences like you were saying right now. We're going through it where you're moving along, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't grow because you don't want to just stand still. What is that, whatever is not growing is dying.

Dr Dan: Yeah, you're not supposed to go hide in a cave and just wait for all to end. Don't tiptoe to the grave. “Oh, cool, I avoided everything. Ye hay. I won.”, but I would definitely say that everything we've talked about doesn't mean that you want to go looking for these trolls and these haters and things like that. You want to definitely limit them and remove them from your life the best you can.

Obviously, if you work with somebody and you got a cubicle next to them or something, and you're not the boss and you can't fire them. Then, unfortunately you're going to be in their proximity. More than likely, it's not going to last hopefully if that kind of person, but you want to limit the amount of time and dealings with them and I'll give you an example of something that happened recently.

I was on Facebook a few days ago, and there was all this negativity going on and it had to do with my business. Somebody was even doing personal attacks against me, and making comments and just really negative stuff. They were just barking and kicking their little feet like a little toddler and just screaming “Ahhh. Look at me. Look at me.”, and just saying all kinds of bad stuff like a little child that didn't want to take its medicine or didn't want to go to bed and wanted to stay up late and play with their toys or watch cartoons.

Siri Shakti: Good thing I wasn't on there.

Dr Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: I would have defended my man.

Dr Dan: Then I would had to deal with them and you. Come on.

Siri Shakti: I'm joking. I'm joking. I would not have gotten in the mix of that.

Dr Dan: I chose to not accept that crappy gift from that person and I looked at them like the child stomping their feet. I felt bad for them in a way, and I did reply, but nothing was an argument or a fight, or anything like that. I think at one point somebody else even jumped in and started saying some negative stuff and I just actually started typing in gibberish that made no sense. They even put on there like, “I don't if you meant to type that because it makes no sense.”, and I'm like, “Yes. I know. Thanks.” You can have some fun with it and don't let in … Of course, I could have chose not to even reply, which I recommend, but in some cases sometimes you do need to reply in case there's other people's well, but again don't feed into that negativity.

With Facebook, like I said, it's pretty easy. You can Google how to block people on Facebook, things like that. How to filter people on Facebook. Heck, even if you can't unfriend somebody, like they're a family member and you don't want them finding out you unfriended them and blocked them because when you block somebody, they can't find your profile anymore. If they understand Facebook, then they're either going to think you deleted your Facebook account or you blocked them.
All they got to do is say to somebody else that's a family member or a friend, “Can you look up so and so and see if they still have a Facebook?”, and they're like, “Yeah, they do. I see it.” “Oh, they blocked me.” Then you might be creating another set of problems. It just depends, but you can also unfollow them even if they're friends and you won't see their newsfeed post anymore, and you could also block like if you're going to post something and you're going to be talking about plant-based living, or yoga, or meditation, and you know they're anti-all that stuff, and they always give a smart ass comment or something, then you could just, when you make that post, there's an option on there that says post to friends or public except for so and so.

You can type in those too. There are a lot of ways that you can block people so you won't see their stuff, and also emails. You can block their emails. I've blocked a few emails. I use Gmail. We use Gmail. If you use another service, I'm sure there's other things, but I love how Gmail allows me to filter and you look this up. How do I filter emails and you can have it do a few things. One, you can have it automatically delete the emails so you don't ever have to look at them, and you won't even know they came in. They're automatically deleted from the person.

You can send them to a folder that skips your inbox and then like I have a folder that says jerks or something like that. Don't look at, and I put them in there, and I might even have a separate one for a name in that folder, a sub folder. They call them labels on Gmail, on the sub label, which a folder, and then I'll put them in there and then I can look at them when I want to. If it's somebody that you still have to deal with like in business or something like that, you can put them in there and you can schedule negative time.

Maybe you don't want to end on Friday with a negative, maybe negative time is negative Tuesday or negative Wednesday or negative Thursday. One of those days, and let's say or if it's somebody that you work with at a job or something and you have to see their emails daily just in case. You can schedule them for after 4:00 or something and just go, “Okay, 4:00 is negative Tim day.” Where I look at Tim's negativity. All this negative crap.

Siri Shakti: Now, if you know someone named Tim, they're going to think you're talking about them.

Dr Dan: Yeah. Now, fortunately I don't really talk to anybody named Tim, really. I'm not talking about any Tim's, if you think I am, I'm not. Unless, you're automatically being deleted, then maybe I am, and you're sending me messages. Now, that's another thing you could do as well, is you could put them in that label or folder where you don't look at their messages except for once a week, or twice, or three times a week, or whatever, and you schedule that time for when you look at their stuff. There's also Slydial, which we talked about last time, which is a cool app, and you can call somebody. Let's say, you don't like talking to somebody, well, you can call them through Slydial, and it only works for cellphones though.
You have to call their cellphone and you got to call them back or something, you could just leave a message because it doesn't ring on their phone. All it'll do, go straight to their voicemail, and they'll think that they just missed your phone call or something and you can be just like, “Oh, sorry Tim. I missed you. I know we're playing phone tag, but let me just go ahead and give you that information you were asking for. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, here you go. Cool. All right man, email me if you need anything.” Then you're done. If they call you back again, then do that thing again, and just keep doing that so you don't have to ever talk to them.

It's not a great way, and then there's also a iOS app and android app for Iphone and your android. I think it's called Hiya, H-I-Y-A, and that actually helps reduce spam calls as well, and there's a way you can block. I think even service providers like Verizon, AT&T, and other providers have their own ways as well as blocking phone number so they either don't get in or they go to voicemail. You can look into those and see oh, well how can I limit the negative and then schedule a negative time, negative Tim day.

Siri Shakti: Negative Tim day?

Dr Dan: Yeah, no offense to Tim's out there. I'm not talking about any particular Tim, honestly. There's not Tim. Sorry. Sorry to all Tim's. Just a name that came into my head, right?

Siri Shakti: Yes. I also wanted to share with you a little bit about … Because I always think of things in terms of how can we utilize our yoga practice in anything that we're dealing with, and I know that …

Dr Dan: Well, that's huge I do that I the morning is when I'm feeling that way.

Siri Shakti: Wait. What do you feel in the morning?

Dr Dan: Yoga and meditation.

Siri Shakti: Oh.

Dr Dan: When I'm feeling negative or I'm feeling like I got a lot of haters on me and they're all over me, and they're trying to bait me and get me to feed their little troll mouth, kicking their little baby feet. Then I go, you know what today I'm doing some yoga for this, for this particular thing because a lot of people would know that. You can do certain types of Kriya yoga set specifically for that, for negativity.

Siri Shakti: That's right. Yeah. Yes because if we think of it, and not to get all metaphysical on you, but truly everything in this world is energy, and when we're communicating, whether it be next to a person or through emails, or social media with someone that is in a funk, or angry, or lashing out, well we can actually take on some of their energy, some of their vibration and when I'm talking about energy, I don't really like to say good or bad because there is no good or bad energy. It's just different vibrations of energy, some are lower, some are higher, and you may be feeling someone's real low vibration.

You're taking that on and what I love is that there is certain meditations, certain Kriyas, yoga [asanas 00:38:24] that you can do to actually protect your body, protect your energetic field from that type of energetic experience.

Dr Dan: There's more than just that. What I mean is it doesn't have to be only for that. If a Kriya's, I mean heck, you can do any kind of yoga or any kind of meditation and that will help, and then are the particular ones that's specifically for that.

Siri Shakti: Exactly, exactly. To go along with this, I'm going to be creating a video, you'll see it on our website, that since we are talking specifically about communicating with people and trolls, I decided I'm going to make one that helps you to be able to communicate with people that are maybe not in a good place themselves, and for you to be able to be protected and, I wouldn't really say guarded, but definitely protected.

Dr Dan: Yeah and that will be in the resources in rockstarinlife.com under this episode and it'll also be in the yoga and meditation center either one of those, not sure which one it'll be in, but it'll be in there, right?

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Awesome.

Dr Dan: Before we get into our RockStar mission for today, is there anything else you wanted to talk about that?

Siri Shakti: No, that's it.

Dr Dan: Perfect. All right, well I'm going to remind you to go to rockstarinlife.com to links to the resources mentioned, this episode's transcript, download my free books, training yoga, meditation, home schooling advice, and so much more being added every single week. Go to rockstarinlife.com, and join the RockStar in Life revolution today.

Siri Shakti: Awesome.

Dr Dan: Love it. All right. Today's RockStar mission, it's going to be really simple, but it's also going to be a challenge.

Siri Shakti: Ooh.

Dr Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: What is it?

Dr Dan: For some people it's going to be really tough. They're going to be like, “Oh, that other stuff was easy, but give me some real challenge here.” First off, check out the resources for this episode in rockstarinlife.com, and if you have any negative people or haters in your life, I want you to use one of the tools that I mentioned, whether it be block them, or schedule negative time, or deal with them if you must in some way, but remember that they are a child, and they're just kicking their feet and they don't want to take their medicine. The next time you see something negative, or someone trolls you and they're trying to get fed, trying to feed their little troll mouth on social media or in person, obviously on social media, delete them, block them, unfollow them.

Don't feed them. Don't get into that. You can make one thoughtful response of some sort, but don't continue to feed and don't get wrapped into it. If you need to say what you need to say without that energy, that negative energy charge and getting angry or anything like that, then that's what you need to do, but it's not for that person. Whenever I'm replying to somebody, it's always either, not even for me, it's for someone else because if somebody's spreading something or something like that, I might just be like, “Look, we need to be a force for good. This and that.” Or “Maybe we need to be there for so and so.”, I might post something like that, but it's not like, “You are wrong.” Or anything like that.

Be careful. I want you to be really put a lot of thought and feeling into what your replies are or comments without getting wrapped up and if it happens to spark something, then so be it and move on, and don't accept that negative crappy gift of, what I call, I was going to will poop, but it's not will poop. Elephant poop, it's one of those big ones. Avoid that, and each time you catch yourself doing this, or you don't catch yourself, but then you catch yourself after, I want you to take your journal and I want you to make a note and write about what you're proud of, and celebrate that you caught yourself at some point.

Whether it be before or after that commented or whatever you did. Pat yourself on your back. Give yourself a high five because that is awesome. You're on your way, and it's going to take practice. It's going to take time. It's not something that's going to just come to you, and if it does, then that's great, but if it doesn't, then so be it. It's part of your process. It's part of that going from the caterpillar into the butterfly.

Siri Shakti: Yes, and also another thing that you could do is if you see a thread of conversation going on … maybe some arguments happening or heated discussion, like you were saying, maybe don't even post anything, but just stand back and be an observer of what you notice and what's going on, and that can give you a different awareness of how this whole thing is playing out of people trolling.

Dr Dan: It's like watching a bad movie. A movie where you're just like, “Oh, you shouldn't treat that person like that.” It's a movie. You're not emotionally invested. It might give you a feeling of some sort, but you might even scream at the screen. I don't know, but it's not going to make a difference to that person because they can't hear you anyways. Observe it like a movie and make some notes in your own head.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, completely agree.

Dr Dan: For sure. All right. Anything else?

Siri Shakti: No. That's it. All right. Guys, don't forget to get out there and be a RockStar in your life …

Dr Dan: And make the world your stage.

Speaker 4: Thanks for listening to RockStar in Life. Your source for unleashing your inner RockStar. For more tips, training, and free stuff be sure to go to rockstarinlife.com and join the RockStar in Life revolution today. Thanks again and don't forget to make the world your stage.

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