Our Children Are Our Future!

Our Children Are Our Future!
It's Time We Give Them The Opportunity To Shine! 🌟
I have had this conversion many times over the years with the older generations (Baby Boomers) 👴👵 and even more lately with the state of the world 😥 the way it is right now.
Many times each previous generation (like Baby Boomers or Gen X) thinks the new generation (like Millennials or Gen Z) are doing things wrong. This kind of thinking is dangerous.
As Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness 🧠 that created it.”
Meaning… The older generations have created all kinds of problems which I probably don't need to list all them out here. You probably already know what they are. 🌎
The challenge is… That the same people that created the problems think they can also fix them. But they are the ones that created the problems over the last 50-90+ years. They have had plenty of time to fix them but didn't.
So it's time to give the new generation a chance to fix things that they will be forced to live through. The previous generations won't be around as long and its time they gave up the control to those that have to live here on planet earth for the next 60-100+ years. ✊
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