Ep #0: Welcome To The RockStar In Life Podcast – Get To Know Us

In this episode, you get to know us a little more. We also explain what to expect from this weekly podcast. You get to hear us break down the origin of where RockStar came from and why I (Dr. Dan) named my books, products, and companies with the RockStar name in the titles.  It’s not just some cool sounding name, it holds great meaning in my life. The Universe kept giving signs that I was meant to use this awesome name RockStar and inspire others to also embrace and unleash their inner RockStars.


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Dr. Dan: Hey fellow RockStars, Dr. Dan here, and I want to welcome you to our first episode of our new podcast, RockStar In Life. I'm Dr. Dan, and this is …

Siri Shakti: Siri Shakti. What's up guys?

Dr. Dan: Awesome, so this is our first podcast, and together in … well actually, I shouldn't say our first podcast ever-

Siri Shakti: Right.

Dr. Dan: Because we did have one many years ago, like 2006, 2007 I think it was?

Siri Shakti: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Dan: Somewhere around there, but we had some kids so we kind of stopped at some point.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, we basically started right when our third child was born and between-

Dr. Dan: Oh, a little bit before that.

Siri Shakti: Okay, a little bit before that, but then he was born, and trying to do a podcast with a newborn in my arms was quite a task.

Dr. Dan: Well yeah, because you were breastfeeding with Bodhi as we're trying to do the podcast, and we're hearing this “nm, nm, nm,” so-

Siri Shakti: Yeah, so we decided to take a little break, and it ended up being kind of a longer break, but we're back and it's going to be awesome.

Dr. Dan: Awesome, so in RockStar In Life, we're going to covering all kinds of really cool topics. Everything from …

Siri Shakti: Oh gosh, we're going to be talking about relationships, about health, about your spiritual life, your spirituals practices, for example, yoga. I'm a yoga teacher. We're going to be talking about education. We actually homeschool our kids, so we have lots of knowledge in that area.

Dr. Dan: Knowledge and experience.

Siri Shakti: And experience, yes.

Dr. Dan: Mastery.

Siri Shakti: We're also going to be talking about business and-

Dr. Dan: Business.

Siri Shakti: And if you want to even work from home or create your own lifestyle in that way.

Dr. Dan: Or start a business, or excel more in the business that you're in right now.

Siri Shakti: That's right. And another thing too that's really important to us is not only what it is you want to create in your life, but it's also that mindset, and we like to call it that RockStar mindset. And so that's going to be a big topic for us as we move on, is what sets you aside from other people, because we all come into this life with different gifts, and so we want to help to not only draw that out of you but for you to even discover on an even deeper level what it is that you have to offer the world.

Dr. Dan: Exactly. Exactly. And I mean, we're going to be teaching a lot of stuff that we're qualified, that we've mastered ourselves in our lives. And then there'll be things that either we're in the process of mastering ourselves, so we're learning and we're going through and we'll be sure to share those things as well. Let you know, full disclosure, we're still learning ourselves, so if this doesn't work, sorry. So that way you know ahead of time as well, and then there'll be things that maybe we either don't know that much about or we really want to learn more about, so we'll invite guest, special guests that are masters, that have already mastered it or they're an expert in that field, and bring them along for our … not only for our own selfish reasons of learning from the best-

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: But gives us an excuse to say “Hey, come on our podcast.” That's another reason why we're starting this, because it's a lot easier to get somebody, you know, a big name person like, let's say like Elon Musk or Tony Robbins, or somebody like that to get on the podcast by saying “Hey, we want to interview you.” Opposed to “Hey, we want you to teach us some free stuff, you know?” And some of those people you can't even pay, you know? I mean, some of those guys, they don't even have mentorship programs or anything like that, so one of the best ways of learning from them is inviting them on as a guest.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: That's one of the selfish reasons for us, and for yourselves as well, to be able to learn from that. And some of the things that we've learned, and we've mastered ourselves, I mean, we've got … I mean heck, I didn't even write this down, so I'm trying to go from my mental hard drive here, or I should say … I used to say mental Rolodex, but that's very dated now, so you can't even say mental Rolodex.

Siri Shakti: The new generation's like “What's a Rolodex?”

Dr. Dan: I caught myself because I said “hard drive,” and I'm like, “You know, we're moving into solid state drives now, SSD drives, so that's kind of dated, so who knows what the next thing is going to be?” But the ether or whatever, but these are things that we've accomplished in our lives and some of the stuff that we've done is that I've built a mo- well, let me back up a little bit for myself. Moved here when I was two years old from Denmark with my family for the American dream, and I remember in school had a really, really difficult time and as you get to know us a little bit more during the podcast, I'm not going to spend the next hour and a half, two hours talking about this one thing here, but as you get to know us and our story, we'll talk a little bit more about those challenges that we had and how we overcame them in case that's something that you had to go through your life, or one of your own kids is going through in their life.

And one of the things for me is I didn't do very well in school. I would get in trouble constantly, I remember when I was taking tests I would just scribble all the little things because my brain just couldn't process all the questions. I'd read one question and I'd already forget what I read. I would be given book assignments, and I'd read that, and I'd forget the last sentence that I read or the last paragraph I read. I'm like “Where am I? What's going on?” I couldn't process it that way, and no one really could help me. They just branded me as a problem child, and I remember in school I remember the teacher would actually … it was either the third or fourth grade, it was a science teacher, and maybe it was fifth grade, but she would say “We're going to grade today. We're going to do a pop quiz, and today we're going to grade from 100% down to Dan's score.” So, how awesome is that, right?

Siri Shakti: Oh my God. Not cool.

Dr. Dan: In front of the whole class. You know, thanks. I appreciate that. So I had quite a few challenges in school and branded as a problem child and I went from that, and again, also fearful, feared it to death to speak in front of a groups.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: When I tell people that, especially when I'm speaking at an event or something, people are like “Seriously?”

Siri Shakti: Oh yeah, you used to be like-

Dr. Dan: Well she remembers.

Siri Shakti: I mean, he would avoid at all costs, he would say “You get up there and talk.”

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: If we were at an event or something, “You get up there and talk.” And eventually he ended up stepping into those shoes, and-

Dr. Dan: Yeah, forcing myself because I had stuff I wanted to teach and things that I wanted to share and nobody else was doing it, so I was told by my mentors “Look, you need to do it, because nobody else is teaching this stuff,” and I'm just giving you a little bit of background so you can kind of understand where I came from so you're not looking like “Oh, it's easy for you,” because I went through my challenges and going through all those things and being fearful in school … I'll just give you another example of the school is that when I was told “Hey, we're doing a book report,” or “You've got to share with the class,” or something, I would just say “I'm not. I can't do it,” or “I'm not going to do it.” And they would say “Well you're going to get an F,” and I'd say “Give me the F.

I would take the F. I was more afraid of that, and I went from that to writing two best selling books. I mean, writing two books, and I always got D minuses or whatever in English. I have no idea why they didn't … well, I do know why they didn't give me an F. Because they needed to pass me still. But I deserved an F. I deserved a failing grade. I should have been … if they would have stuck by the rules, then I probably would have never graduated first grade. I would be in first grade still today if they went by those actual rules. I don't know about that.

But going from that to that, and then also starting my own business, and today I have a multi-million dollar digital media publishing company and I co-founded that with my co-founder and one of my best friends is Ben Littlefield, and we turned that into a multi-million dollar business, and I knew nothing about that business. He knew nothing about that business.

Siri Shakti: Right.

Ben Littlefield and Dr. Dan Ardebili

Dr. Dan: And we built it from scratch, and we learned a lot through trial and error and stumbling on ourselves and continue to learn new things and we do everything from software to info training and … what's even a word of that? I guess online education now is the word, but back then there was none. There was no real word. It was just like … we were creating products online that people were purchasing so they could learn things and they could shortcut to success.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: It was like a roadmap for them, for success, and people paid us to do it and it was pretty damned awesome.

Siri Shakti: And that's another thing where I was talking about mindset, is that for him and Ben, the desire was so big to want to have their own business, to be able to call their own shots, and he always would say he is psychologically unemployable.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: He had worked so much for other people, he wanted to take back that control, and so for him and Ben, there was no if ,and ,or buts, it was like “We're going to figure this out,” and even with the challenges that you had going through school, that just goes to show you how beautiful it is that if you have a desire to do something, you're going to learn it, you know?
I said that we actually homeschooled, that's one of the things that inspire me about homeschooling, is that in my childhood growing up I actually had what I'd say like a very magical childhood and it wasn't until junior high that things kind of got more challenging. My parents went through a really horrible divorce, and it was almost like a slap in the face, like a reality check. And all of a sudden this magical childhood that I was having, it was like, all of a sudden it was slipping out of my fingers.

And so school became extremely challenging. Fast forward to high school, I kind of ended up getting in with the wrong crowd and I don't know if the word “wrong” is correct, but they were other teens that were struggling just as much as I was, and went through partying and things like that. And school at that time, school was such a challenge. I always felt like I was never good enough, like I was kind of stupid, you know? I was always just an average student. As I got further along I got more Fs and things like that, so I barely graduated, just like Dan.

Dr. Dan: Well prior to that though, you did, before your parents were going through a divorce and everything, before you found out about there were problems, you were … were you homecoming princess or something?

Siri Shakti: Oh yeah, yeah. I was actually … that's something that's really interesting too, is because I never was a popular person. I was just very authentic. I was always myself, I was always kind to everyone. That was just how I lived my life. That's how I still live my life. And so all of a sudden I was nominated for homecoming princess and I thought “What? Homecoming princess?” It was me and three other of the most popular girls, the cheerleaders in the school, and I ended up winning.

Dr. Dan: And all the power went to your head and you said “Off with their heads!”

Siri Shakti: Absolutely. Off with their heads! No …

Dr. Dan: Like Game of Thrones, you were like …

Siri Shakti: No, but-

Dr. Dan: Well you did good in class and everything too at that point didn't you?

Siri Shakti: Before the divorce and everything I actually did very well. I was in student council, I was vice president, I was activities chairman, I was always doing activities. I was a dancer, I was in plays, so I was able to see the different dynamics. On one side was this great power that I felt that I had, and creativity, and then I went through kind of a dark part of a very challenging time and ended up coming out of that, and then shortly after I had said “Okay, I want to get away from that crowd and stuff,” and I ended up shortly after that meeting my husband. Well, he wasn't my husband at the time but …

Dr. Dan: Yeah, it was an arranged marriage. And at that time … I mean, well, I guess what I was trying to say is that a lot of the things … so everything that we kind of just went over real quick, but as we move forward and we go through these podcasts sessions and we talk about different topics and different things that you can use in your real life today, tools and strategies and things that we've done, a road map. We're going to give you a road map to get past there, or to get there. As we do that we'll give you more and more of our story but it's really just so you understand that we weren't just like an overnight success, or overnight “Oh, it's easy for you.” No. It wasn't. There was a lot of challenges and we still haven't even scratched the surface of like … man. Man.

Siri Shakti: But isn't that life, you know? And we want to be really honest with you guys as we go through these podcasts because it's so easy to see some of our favorite teachers, let's say Tony Robbins. We've learned so much from him, and it's so easy to see Tony for who he is now, and think “Oh Tony was always like that. This is just how he always was. He's always been successful and wealthy and empowered and …” no, no, no. The man has been through so many challenges and that's what's made him so awesome and such a great teacher now. And so we want to share with you, not all of it right now, but like Dan was saying, as we move through these podcasts we'll definitely share more of our own personal stories with you guys to help inspire as well.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, we have so much to share and I didn't even get into the part where I was fortunate enough to travel around the world with some of my mentors that I call friends today. I went to Fiji a couple times, went to Monaco, went to quite a few different places and learned from Tony Robbins, and met one of our good dear friends Guru Singh who we were constantly learning from today, who's also … I met him through Tony Robbins. Tony actually introduced us at one of the events that Tony put together for what was called Platinum Partners, which is something that I joined through Tony's group. And again, these are some of the things that we are going to share with you and teach you and hopefully, it can … I know it will. I know it will help you as long as you do it.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Absolutely.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, so anything else you want to … I mean, I know we covered a lot and we're going to be going over a lot. The topics we're going to cover has pretty much everything to do with life.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: So, it's a wide variety. Everything from yoga to health to wealth, to work/life balance, too-

Siri Shakti: Yeah, I mean-

Dr. Dan: Homeschooling, to conscious parenting, relationship advice, marriage, dating-

Siri Shakti: Nutrition. Did we say nutrition?

Dr. Dan: I don't … maybe. We said health.

Siri Shakti: Health, nutrition.

Dr. Dan: Yeah. We said health, homeschooling-

Siri Shakti: We want to really get into life. Bottom line is this… boy the world is moving on so quickly. Everything is going so fast and we all have to support each other. We all have to be on board with uplifting and helping one another, and so this is us wanting to contribute to that. And not only are you going to be learning from us, but we're going to be learning from all of you, and we're going to learn from all of the cool people that we're going to be having on this show. So it's going to be a lot of fun.

Dr. Dan: Awesome.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: Alright, well I guess we'll see you in the next episode.

Siri Shakti: Sounds good.

Dr. Dan: Awesome. Be a RockStar in your life, make the world your stage.

Siri Shakti: Bye.

Dr. Dan: You got to do it with me. There you go.


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