RockStar Lesson: Don’t Take a Turn to Negative Town!

RockStar Lesson: Don’t take a turn to negative town! (Read Time: Under 1 Minute)

Do you ever notice how truly happy and successful people are not trying to crap on others and be a spiritual vampire constantly?

They feed on the negativity and makes them feel like they have some kind of power over others.

Be a person who  encourages and supports others with their dreams and visions, whether you agree with them or not.

Don’t crap on other people’s stages or be one of those spiritual vampires sucking the life out of other people’s dreams.

When you support other RockStars with their dreams, then they will support you too. So stay away from Negative Town.

RockStar Challenge: Give 3 people (spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, your kid(s), neighbor, co-worker, stranger etc) a sincere compliment when you might have said something negative each day for the next 7 days.

Post below if you accept the RockStar Challenge!



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