Ep #29: Summer Family Fun and Learning

While some parents are dreading a full summer with the kids home from school… discover how to connect on a deeper level with your children this summer while also teaching them valuable life lessons and the wonderful (Full of Wonder) world around them.


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Dr. Dan: Hey fellow rockstars, Dr. Dan here, and I've got with me-

Siri Shakti: Siri Shakti.

Dr. Dan: Hey, what's up fellow rockstars in life, how's everybody doing? I'm assuming you're going to say awesome.

Siri Shakti: I'm assuming too.

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, they're awesome.

Dr. Dan: And If you're not awesome, then you will be by the end of this episode.

Siri Shakti: That's right, because we're going to talk about some cool stuff. We're going to talk about summer vacation.

Dr. Dan: Oh yeah, summer vacation. School's out.

Siri Shakti: Yes, school's out. Well, actually-

Dr. Dan: For some people.

Siri Shakti: There are some schools, at this moment in time, there are some schools, at least here in Orange County, that are still in, but I know, you know, although our kids are homeschooled, they tell me, a lot of my friends are out of school this week. And I've been seeing pictures of high school gradations, and junior high promotions.

Dr. Dan: And the beaches are getting busier.

Siri Shakti: Yes, beaches are getting busier. We in fact, my daughter had a beach party for her dance studio just a few days ago.

Dr. Dan: In Huntington Beach.

Siri Shakti: In Huntington Beach.

Dr. Dan: And it was busy.

Siri Shakti: It was busy, but it was fun.

Dr. Dan: That's awesome.

Siri Shakti: It was actually a lot of fun. But yeah, there was a lot of people there.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, we got to the beach a little less when it's summer.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: You would think the opposite, but it gets too crazy busy.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: Unless we go during a weekday, and later in the day, then it tends to slow down just a bit, but-

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: It is busy.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, we're those people that don't like busy, busy beaches. Everyone's barbecuing, smoke in your face.

Dr. Dan: Large crowds, yeah. And all that stuff.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Yeah, so. Okay, so what we're going to be doing today is, you know, being that kids are going on summer break, we thought it'd be a great time to address and to discuss how do we plan out our summer breaks with our kids.

Dr. Dan: Especially because we get this question a lot close to summer time, every year. It's like, what do you do with the kids?

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: Are they off for summer then, or what do you do?

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: How do you do that?

Siri Shakti: Yeah, and you know, it's really varied over the years.

Dr. Dan: We just kick them out of the house. We're like, summer's out, homeschooling's at the house, so you're out of the house, bye.

Siri Shakti: That's right. Yep.

Dr. Dan: And then they just have to go wander.

Siri Shakti: See you in September.

Dr. Dan: They wander the streets.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, they do, yeah. They get some help from neighbors, they take them in, and yeah.

Dr. Dan: Nice, you really thought that through.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, I did. No. Over the years, it has changed. I remember there was a time where I would just do homeschooling, like the whole way through. And then, as they got a little bit older, and I think they made more friends, like a lot of them went to regular school, I could tell-

Dr. Dan: Their friends went to regular school.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, their friends went to regular school. I just really got the sense, like, it would be fun to start having a real summer break. This summer's going to be a little bit different, and actually it's going to be a lot of fun, though. But I'm going to kind of switch things up where we're going to do, like have more like a typical summer break, but then, like three days out of the week, I'm going to do more kind of like formal lessons. And the only reason I'm doing that is because this past year I was having some kind of health challenges. I've talked about it before on the other podcast, where our episode where I was having some vision issues.

Siri Shakti: And so, I really didn't get as much done with them as I wanted to. There's a few things I wanted to just finish up, like academically, so I was kind of thinking about it. I'm like, how could I make sure I'm doing both. So, I decided about three days out of the week, we're just going to sit down, just for maybe like, I don't know, two or three hours, nothing major, and get a little bit of work done, you know, more bookwork.

Siri Shakti: And then, the rest of the time, the rest of the days, we're just going to have some fun, and get out there and do some exploring. Right, Dan?

Dr. Dan: Yep. And one thing, though, that we get quite often, as well, is people ask, oh, well, like I just mentioned, are they off for the summer, you know, what do they do and things like that. People ask like, does your wife only homeschool or do you also join in? And the way I kind of explain it, and this is kind of what we've done every summer, regardless, because learning doesn't just stop when the summer comes around, or even at the end of the day, or in the middle of the day or the morning, or whatever. I mean, our kids are constantly learning.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: They're constantly asking us questions, and because they're around us so much, they're constantly asking us, whether they saw something on a show, whether we're watching a movie together or a TV show, and they're like, oh, what does that mean. Or we're out and about, and they're asking, oh, what is this, or what is that. And every day, and at all times is an opportunity to teach our children.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. And you know, what you were just saying, that is really real life learning. I mean, you know, often times-

Dr. Dan: That's street smarts.

Siri Shakti: It is, yeah. It is street smarts, though.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: No, but it is. I think that a lot of us, we've gotten into this mindset that learning, like really fundamental important learning comes from school. I'm not going to say that it's not important to learn things that school teaches. I mean, maybe some of it is not as important, but really just that, like, in the moment, authentic, every day learning where your kids are asking questions, or you got to a place and they learn something new, or they see something new for the first time.

Siri Shakti: I know we've been places where it has sparked conversations, and we've discussed things. And that's like, you know, to me, that's kind of like real life learning, and that's where we can explore even more in the summer breaks. And I know we talk a lot about homeschooling because we're a homeschooling family, but this is for everyone. This is for home schoolers, this is for those of you that have your kids in public school, in private schools. When summer break comes around, this is an opportunity for you guys to, number one, reconnect, right? Your kids have been in school or working hard for months now, and this is a time for you to really get on their level and spend some quality connected time with them, and also to together plan out some adventures, some places that you want to see, things that you want to share with them or teach them.

Siri Shakti: I mean, in front of me, I have a list I'm going to share with you in a few minutes of just a few things I came up with just today. And the whole point of us addressing this and talking about it is that, we want to encourage you to not just have it be an experience for your kids, but to really get on their level. And one of the things that, I remember I just told you Dan, is often times, summer break would come around and we go to, well, we have a pool now, but before we did, we would go to a neighborhood pool.

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: And you and I-

Dr. Dan: Neighborhood pool, you mean, like, somebody's pool in our neighborhood. We just like-

Siri Shakti: No, the-

Dr. Dan: Hop the fence.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: The community pool.

Siri Shakti: The community pool.

Dr. Dan: There you go.

Siri Shakti: It is a neighborhood pool, isn't it? Isn't that what we call it?

Dr. Dan: I guess, I don't know. I've never called it that, and I've never heard of that.

Siri Shakti: Really?

Dr. Dan: But it's a pool in a neighborhood, I guess.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Well, you know what, in my world, it was neighborhood pool, so I'm going with that.

Dr. Dan: Yeah. I guess, but you know, people listening right now might not have a community pool, so then they're like, oh, I'm just going to go to the neighborhood pool, which is my neighbor's pool. It's in the neighborhood.

Siri Shakti: Okay. You got to a public facility.

Dr. Dan: Well, it wouldn't be public because it's only available to the community, the community that lives in that development.

Siri Shakti: They can't see it right now-

Dr. Dan: See, I'm teaching you right now.

Siri Shakti: No, no, no.

Dr. Dan: No, I'm teaching. This is what I'm talking about, guys and gals. You're listening right now in a teachable moment.

Siri Shakti: No, no, they can't see it, but hey, guys, I'm actually rolling-

Dr. Dan: I see the magic in your eyes.

Siri Shakti: No, no, no. I'm rolling my eyes at him.

Dr. Dan: Oh, I thought that was like, the struggler to learn what I'm teaching you. That's what it felt like.

Siri Shakti: All right, moving on. So.

Dr. Dan: Moving on, see. This is how we do it. This is how everyday, like, what dad, what's a community pool.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: And you start getting to the conversation.

Siri Shakti: I got some real life education, and [crosstalk 00:08:56]

Dr. Dan: You got schooled.

Siri Shakti: Okay. So, but they get my point, all right.

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: So, we would go to the pool. And you and I would always swim. I mean, okay, maybe there was one time out of like 50 times we weren't in the mood or something, but-

Dr. Dan: Yeah, we were like, the only parents swimming. Everybody else was like … there was one guy that would sit there, even when his kid wasn't there. Remember at our old neighborhood in-

Siri Shakti: Oh, my gosh.

Dr. Dan: And he would just sit in his-

Siri Shakti: Speedo.

Dr. Dan: In his, it wasn't even a Speedo, it was like a, I don't know, like a French or Italian like, little-

Siri Shakti: Swimsuit.

Dr. Dan: Swimsuit that you definitely have to trim around in order to wear. And he would just sit there, and he was like, all oiled up, and he was eating peanuts or something, wasn't he?

Siri Shakti: Yeah, and drinking a soda or something.

Dr. Dan: And listening to 80s music, and he was all by himself.

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. And you couldn't-

Dr. Dan: And he wasn't in the pool, he wasn't having fun.

Siri Shakti: You couldn't help but look at him, and I was not checking him out, I promise.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: I was looking, because I'm like, why is he here again.

Dr. Dan: Well, fun fact, his dog actually bit her, but you in the butt.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Actually, they lived two doors down, and the dog went for my dog, and I turned around. I grabbed my dog, turned around, and that guy's dog bit my butt, and drew blood.

Dr. Dan: Drew blood.

Siri Shakti: Oh, my goodness.

Dr. Dan: They drew first blood.

Siri Shakti: I forgot about that. Yeah.

Dr. Dan: Well, now I reminded you.

Siri Shakti: That was a traumatic experience.

Dr. Dan: And now everybody knows.

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr. Dan: So that you can have sympathy, there you go.

Siri Shakti: Okay.

Dr. Dan: It's all good.

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr. Dan: Learning moment.

Siri Shakti: So, getting back to my story, though. We always get in there and we swim with the kids.

Dr. Dan: We play.

Siri Shakti: We play, yeah.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: We play, we bring water toys and play with them. And for us, I mean, you know, for me, it feels like that's what's going to keep us young too. And I don't want to just sit there and watch my kids swim, it's like boring. I want to get in there and play with them, and connect and have fun.

Siri Shakti: So, we are here encouraging you guys to do the same, whatever it is that you're going to play for your summer break, however long it is. Really, get in there, and tap into that part of you that remembers what it was like to be youthful and be a child again. And make some awesome memories, right?

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: I mean, we're always talking about magic moments.

Dr. Dan: Yeah. Magic moments, don't take life too serious.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: And magic moments is documenting your life, taking pictures and remembering those moments so that you can go back and remember, like, oh, remember that right there. You know?

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: I mean, you don't want to like, be removed to the point to where you're doing nothing but takin photos, but you want to take a couple photos so you can document those moments and remember them, and have that feeling.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Dr. Dan: Just ask somebody to take a photo of you guys playing, and boom, you've got that photo.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, I mean, heck, you can like, take a few photos and record in like five minutes, and then jump your butt into the pool.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: You know?

Dr. Dan: And then, have fun. But, no, you're totally … that's true. Like, whenever our friends come over, and they have their kids over and they're all playing, they always ask us to jump in the pool with them.

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr. Dan: And they really want us to play, and you know. Sometimes, I'm like, no, no I'm not going in there, you know. Not because I don't want to sometimes, it's because their parents aren't going in, I want to visit with them.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: So, and then there's times that I'm like, all right, I'll go in there, and I go in there, and play with them and have a lot of fun.

Siri Shakti: Oh, you know, that just reminded me too, at the beach party, none of the parents went swimming. I was the only one that got in the ocean with them and swam. [inaudible 00:12:46] didn't even think about it until now. And all the parents were just sitting around, visiting and eating. And of course, I did the same with them, but I'm like, heck, I'm at the beach, I want to get in that water and go have some fun.

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Yeah. I remember, too, that you were talking about how, you know, like, un-schooling, and how … we have talked about this before. So, one form of homeschooling is called un-schooling. And un-schoolers, they really believe in learning, like-

Dr. Dan: In everyday life.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, everyday life, like, really real life learning, and they get-

Dr. Dan: Which we do, which we do.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: We actually do that with our other standard of-

Siri Shakti: Yes, yes. I would say we're kind of like, they call it eclectic, actually. That's a cool name for it, which is like a mixture of both. Like, we do some formal, typical schoolwork or lesson, I always call it lessons. But then, a great majority of our work is real life learning, like going places and … you know, even it's just sometimes simple things, like watching a show with our kids.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, totally.

Siri Shakti: Seems to always be like-

Dr. Dan: Like, what does that mean, dad or mom? Or-

Siri Shakti: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Dan: And sometimes, you know, because we'll watch, like, shows that are like PG-13 or even rated R, you know, like a movie like Deadpool or something.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: So, there will be questions, like, what does this mean or how does that work, you know. You're just like, and I've learned like with my youngest, with Bodie, you know, who's nine right now. And I'll usually, now I know I'll ask him. I'll say, are you sure you want to know the full thing, because it's kind of X rated, you know.

Siri Shakti: Right.

Dr. Dan: He's like, well, just start to tell me and I'll tell you if it gets too gross.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. And you know, some parents may have a different view on this, but we're pretty open with our kids. I mean, we talk about everything. And for us, it works. That's just like how our family [crosstalk 00:14:46].

Dr. Dan: Yeah, we don't want things to be too taboo.

Siri Shakti: Right.

Dr. Dan: Because you know, growing up, I knew plenty of kids that were, you know, their parents were like, ultra strict and didn't allow them to like, listen to certain types of music or see certain movies, and stuff like that. And to be honest, out of the, I don't know, 20 kids I can remember off the top of my head that grew up like that, I don't know of, I can't think of one that isn't messed up right now or doing something crazy to really rebel, you know.

Siri Shakti: Oh, yeah. Oh, I know a few off the top of my head, too.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: And it's interesting because it always seemed to be the ones that, like, they had to sneak around, and that behavior carried on.

Dr. Dan: Yeah. Well, plus, I'm originally from Denmark, we moved here when I was two, and think I mentioned before, in the newspapers, they had nudity.

Siri Shakti: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Dan: In the regular newspapers. They weren't rated R or whatever. You know, I think even the news shows, you know like the regular TV, what is it called, news-

Siri Shakti: TV guide?

Dr. Dan: No, not TV guide. They don't have TV guide. No, like, news. You know, like, they're news, like what we have for-

Siri Shakti: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Dan: Let's say CBS, or CNN, or whatever. I mean, they would have topless women on there. They didn't really view it the same, you know?

Siri Shakti: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Dan: They didn't make it a big deal.

Siri Shakti: I remember, even recently, there was like a naked person on TV, or they showed their upper body or something like that. We were at your parents house, and there was some show on, and Calene was the one that like, for a moment she felt embarrassed, because like, grandparents were there, and there was like, a little bit of nudity.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: And your mom was the one, that she was like, oh, it's just a naked person, who cares. Go to Denmark with us, there's naked people all over.

Dr. Dan: Exactly.

Siri Shakti: But you know, it's like, because it's not taboo, so to the kids, it's like, not a big deal, it's just the human body, you know.

Dr. Dan: Totally.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: Yeah. Well, I mean, we were, let's see, we were, what was it like, maybe a week or two ago we went to the beach out in Laguna, and I remember we went to … we were walking around the little tide pools and stuff, and you know, and talking about the little crabs and the sea life, and stuff like that.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: So that's, you know, just things that you can with your kids. You can go out into nature, you can go check out different types of trees.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: You can go on hiking trails and talk about different plants and stuff like that. And some of them have, what's that one in Laguna, they have a little nature center inside there.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: It's a tiny little thing, but you can walk around, and they talk about the wildlife in there and the plants, and things like that. And they have somebody that can walk around and answer questions. And the kids love that.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. And you know, I just wanted to share with you, because like, what I did today is I started making a list of two things. Number one, places I wanted to visit, and number two is things that I know myself that I would like to share with the kids. You know, just things I haven't gotten around to because we've just been so busy.

Dr. Dan: Well, I forgot to mention, I think, that this is great whether you homeschool or not.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, I actually had mentioned that.

Dr. Dan: So, even if your kids are in regular school. Well, I'm going to re-mention it.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. But it was kind of better when I mentioned it.

Dr. Dan: All right. Well, mention it again then.

Siri Shakti: I think they liked it better.

Dr. Dan: I'll let you do it, go for it.

Siri Shakti: No, it's okay.

Dr. Dan: Okay.

Siri Shakti: Go ahead.

Dr. Dan: All right, move on. So, this is something that you can do, whether your kids are homeschooled or not. If they go to public school, this is a chance for you to connect with them, and for you to be more present in their lives. Especially if they're not homeschooled, and they go to public school, this gives you the opportunity to really, really connect with them on a different level, a whole new level.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: And also if it's something that you've been toying with, like, can I homeschool. I'm interested, but I'm afraid. Well, this summer is a great opportunity for you to test the waters and just try it out, and see how it works out. Now, one little warning is don't tell them, hey, we're going to go homeschooling today or we're going to learn today.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: Make it fun. Just say, hey, we're going to go here and we're going to check out all the cool stuff.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: And then, you just make it a teachable moment.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Yeah, because part of homeschooling that I've noticed is, for people that have had their children in regular school, is getting used to being around each other that much. And one thing I have noticed, I've heard so many times from moms and dads of kids that go to public school or private, is summer comes around, and it's like they have to mentally prepare themselves to be with the kids that much. And about halfway thorough, they're like, oh my gosh, like, I'm tired, you know, I don't know. You know, they just feel worn out because they're not used to being with their kids that much.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, I know people that get worn out, like, I'm on the phone with them and they're like, my kids are driving me crazy because they're off for Easter or whatever, for a week. And I'm like, a week, that's it, huh? Wow.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Try it all the time.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Yeah, but you do, you get used to it. I mean, we're so used to co, what do they call it, co-

Dr. Dan: Coexisting.

Siri Shakti: Coexisting or inhabiting, you know.

Dr. Dan: We're all coexisting, we're alive.

Siri Shakti: No, no, but … is it co-inhabiting, also?

Dr. Dan: Inhabiting?

Siri Shakti: I could be completely wrong. Oh, wow. Scratch that, didn't say that. No. So, coexisting as a family, like, being together, like all the time, you know. So, that is something you can kind of feel out, you know. If homeschooling is something that you're considering, consciously think about it as you're going through this summer and spending time together. Think about what that would look like, and how it would flow being together on a daily basis, and kind of getting used to that.

Dr. Dan: Exactly.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, and it builds a stronger relationship with your children.

Siri Shakti: Oh yeah.

Dr. Dan: And with the family. I mean, yeah, there are times that you just like want to strangle them or, you know. Yeah, and there's plenty of times that I tell them, look, I love you, but I'm not happy with you right now, or you're totally irritating me, you need to get away from me. But I love you-

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr. Dan: But I'm really angry with you.

Siri Shakti: That was like yesterday with Melena, she was getting on my last nerve, let's just put it that way. And I'm like, I don't want to talk to you right now. We were in the car coming home from dance, and she was just being snippy. She got on my nerves, and I'm like, you know what, I don't even want to talk to you right now, and she tried talking, I'm like, I said I don't want to talk to you right now.

Dr. Dan: Is that when she called me? I don't remember if that was the one or was that a different one?

Siri Shakti: That was a different day.

Dr. Dan: Wow, you guys have a lot of problems.

Siri Shakti: Well, the two of us have been bumping heads a little more lately.

Dr. Dan: Nice.

Siri Shakti: As you know, our personalities tend to be very similar.

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: Anytime I say that, she's like, no they're not.

Dr. Dan: Nice. So, do you have any-

Siri Shakti: Well, yeah.

Dr. Dan: Ideas that you can give everybody.

Siri Shakti: Okay, yeah. So, some things that I came up with for myself, this is just an example for you. Places I want to go, I want to go to some, well, I want to take them to some kids yoga classes, but a lot of yoga studios offer family yoga classes, so I wanted to do that. I wanted to go to some museums, like, I wanted to go to the National History Museum in Los Angeles. I also wanted to visit the mission. I forgot where it is out here in Orange County, but I heard it's awesome. Wanted to possibly go to the zoo, the beach, do more swimming with the kids in the pool. They've been saying they want to go to the water slides, so we'll have to do that, your favorite place, right?

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: And definitely go on some hikes. Now, the only thing with hiking during the summer out here is it gets pretty hot, so-

Dr. Dan: Just go earlier.

Siri Shakti: Earlier, or like, sunset hikes. That's probably what we'll end up doing.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, then your coyote food.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, that's true. Okay. I don't know.

Dr. Dan: No, either or.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, so we'll have to figure that part out. And then, I was thinking, okay, well what are some things that I would like to share with my children, things that I like to do that we can do at home together, and one of them is, my kids love cooking. So, let them pick out some recipes, I don't care if it's desserts or whatever, and do some cooking together this summer. Maybe make a dinner together, and you know, have a big family meal. That would be like, a lot of fun.

Siri Shakti: Also, my kids do like gardening, and we went to the gardening store a few days ago. So, we picked out some pots, they all picked out some seeds. And so, this summer, we're going to … you know, I bought some potting soil. We're going to plant them, and see if we can get some vegetables and some flowers to grow.

Dr. Dan: Wait, what seeds did they get? Was that the day we all went?

Siri Shakti: Yes, it was.

Dr. Dan: Oh, that's funny, because I pointed out, I was like, hey guys, we need to get a bunch of these vegetable seeds here.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: For when the end of the world happens.

Siri Shakti: Oh, well.

Dr. Dan: We need to put them in our go bags.

Siri Shakti: Hey, that's not a bad idea.

Dr. Dan: Yeah.

Siri Shakti: No, but, no. So, they got cucumbers, onions, tomatoes. What was it, there was something Bodie picked that I'm, oh, Bodie was picking corn. I'm like, we don't have enough room to plant corn.

Dr. Dan: Nice. I think he originally wanted, like, pumpkins and squash or something.

Siri Shakti: Yeah.

Dr. Dan: And Melena's like, we don't really eat those.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. He was picking out, you know what, he picked out so many, it was like $30 worth of vegetable. I'm like, you have to put some back. Like, first of all, we're not going to-

Dr. Dan: Well, you can't put a price on the end of the world. You want those seeds.

Siri Shakti: Okay.

Dr. Dan: You know, I was watching The Walking Dead, couple episodes ago when they needed those seeds in order to plant.

Siri Shakti: Oh, okay.

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: So, we should put them in our bug out bag, right?

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. Yeah, that's the little prepper side of me.

Dr. Dan: Yep, let's do it.

Siri Shakti: Okay. And then, there's two other things. So, for those of you that know what sage-ing is, sage-ing is where you go around the house with sage, it's called smudging, and it's supposed to help to refresh the energy in the home, and really clean out the air. And I know, well I'm not quite sure Melena's so interested in it, but I know Calene and Bodie really enjoyed doing it. So, that's something that we can do together, and I did want to teach them like a little ceremony, because I've learned different ceremonies that you can do to go along with that, so that would be really beautiful.

Siri Shakti: And then, lastly, I took a crystal academy course a few weeks ago, which is learning the healing properties and the ways of using crystals for healing purposes, like on the body. And I thought this would be so awesome to share with the kids. I know we're going to go to the gemstone fair next Friday, and I'm going to let them pick out some crystals, and I want to teach them how each crystal has different healing properties, and is used for different things. I know Bodie's already been asking.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, he's super excited.

Siri Shakti: Oh, he's so excited.

Dr. Dan: He carries his crystals around with him everywhere he goes, and he lays them on his pillow. He got angry at me, he threw one at me.

Siri Shakti: He does. Yeah, and I actually had a talk with him, and I taught him how you treat the crystals with respect. And so, we're not going to be throwing them out of anger.

Dr. Dan: Yeah, even if dad messes with you and says he didn't order you pizza.

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr. Dan: Sorry you don't get any pizza. What? Here's a crystal for you.

Siri Shakti: How dare you, Dan.

Dr. Dan: I know, I know.

Siri Shakti: My gosh. Yeah, so, you know, think about this. There are talents, there are gifts that you have and knowledge that you have as an individual that you can pass on to your children. So, actually, before we move on, I wanted to ask you, because this is kind of getting into our rockstar mission that I was going to go over. Do you have anything else that you wanted to add before we move into that?

Dr. Dan: No, just remind everybody to go to rockstarinlife.com, and we'll have links below this episode that we talk about with resources, and you can also download our books and other cool stuff at rockstarinlife.com.

Siri Shakti: Beautiful, all right. So, getting into our rockstar mission. So, what I want you to do, is I want you to sit down, you know, just take a few minutes to yourself, and just kind of get into a real heartfelt space, and I want you to dig deep inside of yourself and come up with some things that, you know, some knowledge, some, like I said, some gifts that you have, and write out a list of, like, five things that you want to share with your children this summer.

Dr. Dan: Or that you want to learn, as well. Maybe it's something that-

Siri Shakti: Yes.

Dr. Dan: You've been dying to learn, like, you really wanted to learn, but you just haven't made the time for it. And this is the opportunity for you to learn and share at the same time.

Siri Shakti: Oh, that is such a good point. Yes.

Dr. Dan: Yep.

Siri Shakti: Yes. And also, I encourage you to … so that's, you know, we say those five things there. And then, you're going to make another list of five things of places that you want to explore. I'm talking, like, museums, different outings, like I said, the beach, hikes, you know, museums. Maybe, I don't know, going … well, we live near Hollywood, you know, near Los Angeles, it'd be fun to take like a, take like tours, right, of Hollywood, and see like the different cool spots.

Dr. Dan: Oh, you mean, like, okay, so you go like, really late at night, and you go down the alleys and show them.

Siri Shakti: That's not quite what I meant.

Dr. Dan: I'm just kidding.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, that's not quite what I meant. No. So, just think about where you live and what-

Dr. Dan: Teach them how to knife fight, right?

Siri Shakti: Right, in Hollywood at night. Yeah, yeah. Oh, God. You know what, smack, smack, smack. Yeah.

Dr. Dan: I don't know.

Siri Shakti: Yeah, so think about where you live and what cool locations you haven't visited. I know for us, we've been living in Orang County for six years, and there are places I've said I was going to visit, and I swear, each year just passes by, and I haven't visited those places yet. So, we're going to work on that this summer and go see some of those places.

Dr. Dan: Yep, for sure.

Siri Shakti: Yeah. All right, guys, well, get out there and enjoy your summer, make some magic moments, and don't forget to be a rockstar in your life.

Dr. Dan: And make the world your stage.

Speaker 3: Thanks for listening to RockStar in Life, your source for unleashing your inner rockstar. For more tips, training and free stuff, be sure to go to rockstarinlife.com, and join the rockstar in life revolution today. Thank again, and don't forget to make the world your stage.


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