What Is Your Purpose?

What is your purpose?
In your life, you will have many purposes. I've never believed that human life only has one purpose; we are each here for a multitude of reasons. It is very important to tune into what your many purposes are.
Each person is unique. I mean, how cool is it that there is no one person on Earth like you? You are indeed one of a kind. Your reasons for being on this planet is one of a kind as well.
When people think of purpose, they often think of a big and grand plan, but often it's things like being a friend to someone or helping to change the family patterns that have gone on for generations. Perhaps it's following what you love and creating a business out of it. Or maybe it is a big grand purpose—the point is, each of us will have many purposes, some small, and some bigger.
Listen to your heart and discover why you are here and what unique gifts you have to share with the world. 
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