Why RockStar?

Dr. Dan is a best selling author of two books and founder of RockStar Secrets to Life. One of his books is a

books-by-dr-dan Best Selling Books titled “RockStar: 45 Lessons to Be a RockStar In Your Life, & Make The World Your Stage. It was written back in 2007 and Dr. Dan has been spreading the RockStar message ever since! After starting his own Marketing Firm which caters to all businesses around the globe, he decided to create an exclusive marketing training academy that specifically caters to help educate, teach and train all the Professionals that want to achieve success online across the globe!


Wwrong-rockstarhat Being a RockStar In Your Life is All About…

We are all born RockStars. Think about it, even before you are born they throw a party for you. They take pictures of you and video while you are in the womb like the paparazzi! when you are finally born, everyone comes to see you. All the family and friends come to the hospital just to get a peek at us. Then everyone wants to hold us, kiss us, play with us. We get all the love and attention.

Then somewhere down the line when we start school we are told to get off the stage and sit in the crowd of other former RockStars. Some of us sit in the front row (the popular kids) and some of us are sent to the nosebleed seats (far back). But we never lose our RockStar spirit. Its just pushed so far down we forget about it. So its time to awaken that again! Come out of retirement and Put a big smile on your face! Have fun! And Be the RockStar in Your Life You Were Born to Be!.


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