Your Angels And Spirit Guides

Ask For Help From Your Angels And Spirit Guides.
Each of us has angels, many, many angels. Each of us has spirit guides, and together these angels and spirit guides watch after you. 
Your angels and spirit guides have always been with you, but they can't interfere with your free will; they patiently wait for you to ask for their help. At any moment, you can ask for them to help guide you and help show you the path forward in your life. They hear you and will begin to do their angelic work in your life.
At first, you may lack the subtle ability to sense their presence, but that can quickly be learned. There are three practices that I often use to get in touch and feel their presence. You can take a moment, close your eyes, put a small smile on your face, and take some long deep breaths. See them near you and begin to feel their presence. You can walk into nature, as nature is a powerful way to feel angels and spirit guides. Lastly, you can sit in meditation, in silence, or with beautiful music playing softly, close your eyes, and once again sense their presence.
These three tools work because you're teaching yourself to slow down, to connect with the present moment, and be more conscious. In this state, you can sense your angels and your spirit guides.
Human life can be quite challenging, especially with the changes taking place on Earth. Each of us needs as much help and support as we can get. And, as I said before, your angels and guides are patiently waiting for you to ask.
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